Monday, August 08, 2005

DJ Scribble

I saw this at Toys R' Us and I knew I HAD to get it:

I had a vague recollection of who DJ Scribble was because I saw him on WWF "Sunday Night Heat" from WWF New York.

This was back when the WWE was called the WWF and they had a show called "Sunday Night Heat" and there was still an eatery named WWF New York.

It was the era that I like to call "The greatest time of my or anyone else’s lives."

I only remembered DJ Scribble because I thought his name was stupid. So did WWF superstar Tazz who called him DJ Scrabble multiple times.

Inside this box is a Scribble Spinhead! Plus it comes with a Phat Ride.

Still, it wasn't worth $3.98. However, on the day I bought it Toys R Us was selling it for 50% off of the already discounted price.

Scribble is kind of like a bobble head doll only it doesn't bob. You have to turn it manually.

The lack of automatic bobble head action is overcome by a myriad of scratching sounds and catch phrases including (but no limited to):

I am DJ Scribble.
Takin' a phat ride.
Get your hands up!

Perhaps he's supposed to be a car thief.

DJ SCRIBBLE: Get your hands up!
CAR OWNER: Whoa! Don't shoot! What are you doing?
DJ SCRIBBLE: Takin’ a phat ride.
CAR OWNER: Well, my car is nice, but "phat ride", that's pushing it.
DJ SCRIBBLE: I am DJ Scribble.
CAR OWNER: Oh yeah! I saw you on Sunday Night Heat!

I tried to act this out with my stupid Daredevil toy and some other action figures I found in the trunk of my car but then I lost interest.

Here's a photo:


  1. Heres a link to a better article.

  2. Anonymous8/08/2005

    That picture has me terribly confused. Are those three thugs trying to steal the car DJ Scribble stole from the Mouses?

  3. Anonymous8/09/2005

    It kinda looks like the thugs are engaged in a game of high-speed "chicken" with DJ Scribble and his phat ride.

    Who's gonna turn first???

  4. Anonymous8/09/2005

    General-Lee speaking, I hate rap, but I love this toy!
    Get it? Generally? General Lee?

  5. He looks like AJ. lol.