Monday, September 28, 2009

youtube Junk #3 The Doughnut/Donut Edition

Here is a gem from the past:

Yep, that's WWE Legend Don Muracco eating a doughnut. Or a donut. I don't care how you want to spell it... but if you know what a "bear claw" is I would love to know.

Anyway, that video is one of the greatest wrestling promos I have ever seen... involving a donut.

But... is it the greatest... donut eating... video ever? Does a better video... even exist? Is it... on youtube? Is my use of ellipses just awkward... and wrong?

Here is a video:

Nice. I especially like music and his poster of WWE wrestler Batista... not quite Don Muracco, but very nice.

How about a video of a groundhog eating a donut...?:

Yeah, that rocks. I love how the zoom on his camera sounds like someone is dialing on to AOL in 1996. Also, at the end you hear some whispering that does not seem groundhog related. I like to imagine they are talking about what types of scented soaps they use... and Batista... and what soap he might use.

I love this next one:

Everything about it makes it awesome.
First: Black cat eating a doughnut... Awesome.
Second: Meticulously neat display of bottle cap magnets... Awesome.
Third: Rhymes with turd... Awesome.
Fourth: Footage in the background of Drew Carey juggling a mic... Awesome.

I don't get British comedy:

The title card tells us some guy named Bungle eats a donut... in one. It seems that that means 'in one bite.' I am not sure that that is a typo or some British slang.
Anyway, after sticking the donut in his mouth he chases another guy around (why isn't there Benny Hill music on this clip???) and someone screams "Donutman!"
Then he almost chokes on it and it sounds like British Cookie Monster takes possession of the camera and says "Bloater... yum yum yum."

Moving on:

In this clip Fleetwood Mac (I think) plays in the background as some lady jams a whole donut in her mouth as some guys says "get the whole thing in there" in Minnesotan.
Then she shouts out "I watch Jim" referring (of course) to the smash hit ABC show 'According to Jim' starring John Belushi's brother. I think his first name is Don.

Just like Don Muracco.