Thursday, August 18, 2005

Roy Rogers

Here is a fun slab of cement at the Chinese. It belongs to Roy Rogers, My second favorite Rogers of all time!! (He is just behind Mister Rogers and just ahead of Kenny Rogers.)
Roy was a famous cowboy and starred in more than 100 motion pictures and is one of the most famous cowboys in film history.
In addition, Roy ran a string of successful fried chicken restaurants that served the finest roast beef sandwiches a cowpoke ever ate.
Today, the Roy Rogers restaurants still stand in nine states and have actually been increasing in numbers after a steady decline in the 1990s.
Roy's memorabilia is on display in the Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Museum in Branson Missouri.

The slab at the Chinese reads "To Sid, Many Happy Trails." It is signed "Roy Rogers and Trigger" and features Roy's hand and footprints as well as Trigger's. It also has the imprint of one of his guns.

It is interesting that he shared the cement with his horse and not his famous wife who took part in the ceremony.

Trigger's wife is also not immortalized in the cement. Because she felt excluded, she stayed home and drank a bottle of gin.


  1. I picked up a dozen Roy Rogers flicks from Wal Mart's discount bin recently so I have become a little obsessed. Great stuff.

  2. That's strange. I just picked up a dozen pieces of fried chicken at Roy Rogers.

    It's a shame that Mister Rogers doesn't have a food chain named after him, otherwise you could do an article comparing your three favorite Rogers.

  3. I would always choose my horse over my old lady. Its the manly thing to do.