Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More photos from my cell phone

Yeah, I have more.

These are photos that weren't good enough to run the first time.

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For starters, here is Lady Liberty. She's big and green. As a kid I owned a small statue of the... uh... statue. I used to pretend that she was the Incredible Hulk's wife. Then I pretened that she gave birth to Kermit the Frog.
Hulk was a good daddy and Kermit was, by all accounts a good kid. But then one day he started dating a pig. Hulk was enraged and Lady Liberty too to huffing paint thinner. Then she hanged herself with my shoelace rope.
If only I had never invented that infernal thing!

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I took the photo at the Wachovia Center (an arena in Philadelphia.) There were about 40 chairs with Wachovia Center writen on them and just one that had the old name. I laughed and laughed.
I sen this photo to my friend Len. He didn't get it.

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Yeah. The Eagles donut. It's official. Doesn't it look like the bird logo actually has a donut body? Wouldn't it be funny if he rolled over into the coffee and then was scalded. And then drowned.
I sent this to my friend Jeff. He doesn't like that I use the Dunkin' Donuts spelling of "doughnuts."

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Awwww. Hollywood The Cat kissed my Donald Duck tiki statue. Awww.
I sent this to everyone I know that uses smileys in text messages. Then I started huffing paint thinner with Lady Liberty.

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This is the house I grew up in. I think it was green back then. I know I used to pretend it was the Hulk's grandpop.
I sent this picture to my mom.

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Here is a picture of a VHS copy of Muppet Classic Theater.
I sent this to the Hulk. He misses Kermit, but he is too stubborn to admit it.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Photos from my cell phone...

Ahhh, the cell phone. One of my all time favorite inventions.

By "my all time favorite inventions" I mean that it is an invention that is one of my favorites. Not that I invented it.

If I HAD invented it, it would be my favorite invention.

My second favorite invention would be the shoelace rope I invented to turn off the light in my bedroom when I was 10. My third favorite invention would be my imaginary friend, Ethyl. She was a nice elderly lady with candy bars for hands.

Anyway, I use my phone for everything. I make calls, surf the internet, play video games and watch TV shows on it.

And I take photos with it.

It takes pretty good pictures, but I rarely use it to take a photo of any importance. I mostly use it to take photos of things I feel some need to share with a friend or relative.

So today, I want you all to be my friends and/or relatives and enjoy some of the pictures I have on my phone:

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Ah, Waffle-opoly. I remember when I first received my copy of Waffle-opoly in the mail. I was overjoyed that I could now play a game with "Waffle" in the title. Of course, I never played it because I hate Monopoly.
Still, looking at this photo makes me nostalgic for the day when I greeted the mail man at the door. After some awkward small talk I promised to "put some clothes on" and he gave me Waffle-opoly.
I think I sent the photo to my friend Pete. He likes waffles.

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I went to Walt Disney World a few months ago and after a snag in my plans kept me out of Epcot, I scrambled to get dining reservations somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.
As I looked for a suitable dining spot I fielded a call from Mom. She was worried that my vacation was ruined so I promised I would let her know when I found food.
So, when I sat down at Tony's I sent her this picture.
I ate something that looked like pizza, smelled like chili and tasted like the back of Dom Deluise's ear (trust me, I know.)

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You know how sometimes you take a picture and the flash causes the subject's eyes to glow? Well, that didn't happen here. My cat just wears bright yellow contacts.
She is a little embarrasses by her poor eyesight so don't mention it to her.
I sent this to her optometrist.

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This is what the inside of a joystick looks like.
I sent this to my mail man. It was the punchline to a dirty joke I had texted him.

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Here is Giants Stadium as the Red Bulls get ready to play the L.A. Galaxy (with David Beckham on tenor saxophone.)
I sent this to my cousin. He hates soccer and he said no one would be there.
He relied to the photo by texting "those are a bunch of nobodies in the stands." I guess I couldn't disagree.

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Mmmmm. Chicken roll. I bought a whole bunch of chicken roll at the supermarket. I think I made two sandwiches.
I sent the picture to everyone I knew. With no explanation.