Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jean Harlow

This is one of my favorites. Legendary hottie Jean Harlow was enshrined in the cement September 29, 1933.
It was an unusual square, however. A few days earlier Sid Grauman had sold tickets to an event which was held INSIDE the theater. There Jean put her hand and foot prints into cement before the paying crowd. Then when workers tried to move it to the forecourt they dropped it. The slab was ruined.
Jean returned to do a second slab, this time outside. It's still there.
Jean Harlow appeared in many famous films such as The Public Enemy and Hells Angels before her untimely death at age 26.
Jean signed her slab "To Sid, in sincere appreciation. Jean Harlow." Then she embedded three pennies in the slab for luck. They were pried out and stolen soon after.
Every time I visit the Chinese Theater I bring three pennies with me and "replace" Harlow's on my way into the theater. They are always gone by the time the movie lets out.
I often wonder who takes them. Sure, it may be homeless dudes or people who really need money. But I bet it's probably tourists.
They probably return to Indiana with a handful of pennies and say:

Tourist: Wowweee! I found these pennies that Jean Harlow touched.
Yokel: When? What year is on 'em.
Tourist: Lemme see... 1999, 2004 and 2003.
Yokel: That's impossible! Jean Harlow died a whole mess of years ago.
Tourist: Then Jean Harlow must have been from THE FUTURE! She must have had a time machine.
Yokel: No way. It's obvious that she’s a member of the walking undead! Let's go find her.
Tourist: I'll get the shotgun.


  1. I am sure that is EXACTLY what happened!

  2. Jim Shorts8/05/2005

    Foul! I know you are upset about the war but... uh... I lost my train of thought. Nevermind.

  3. Sluggo8/05/2005


  4. Zombie Jean Harlow8/05/2005

    I'm the one taking the pennies. It's hard to find work as an undead actor.

  5. I Hate Sweetie8/08/2005

    Interesting. She was much prettier than Gwen Stefani in The Aviator.