Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Raoul Walsh

Multiple times I have seen tourists step on this slab and say "Oh look! It's Raquel Welsh."
Some of them are young and have not heard of Raoul. Others are old and somewhat blind.
All of them are missing out.
Sure, Raquel is awesome. Hot, hot hot. But let's give Raoul his due.
Raoul was a talented star of many westerns and dramas back in the earlier days of cinema. He stood out because of one unique trait. His eye patch.
A car accident blinded him in one eye and he wore the patch for the rest of his life.
Raoul put his mark in the cement way back in 1930. Back then a loaf of bread cost one cent, a gallon of milk cost one cent, and a stick of gum cost one cent. The really ripped you off if you needed gum, didn't they!
Anyway, Raoul did the usual hand a footprints, but then he stuck his fist into the cement. He labeled his fist "his mark."
We are lucky to still have his mark in front of the Chinese.