Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Walk of Fame: Vol. C, Part 5

Buddy Clark Rec
Buddy was a popular versatile singer who died in a plane crash in 1949. He was 37. Buddy recorded with the likes of Xavier Cugat and had many hit records.

Dane Clark TV
Star of TV series such as "Bold Venture" and "The New Perry Mason Show." He also played Harlem Globetrotters' founder Abe Saperstein in the movie Go, Man Go!.

Dick Clark TV
"American Bandstand" host and New Years Eve party master.

Fred Clark TV
Character actor who appeared in many films and movies. He made several appearances on shows like "Green Acres", "Bewitched" and "The Munsters."
When I say he was on shows LIKE "Green Acres", "Bewitched" and "The Munsters." I don't mean he was ACTUALLY on those shows, he was on "The Beverly Hillbillies, "I Dream of Jeannie" and "The Addams Family." I just think all those shows are really like one another.

Marguerite Clark MP
Marguerite Clark was born in 1883 and started in motion pictures in its earliest days. She appeared in film versions of The Crucible and Uncle Tom's Cabin.
However, perhaps her most important role was as Snow White in the 1916 film of the same name. One of the people who saw that film was a teenage Walt Disney. Disney said that this film helped influence him to create his own version of Snow White.

Roy Clark Rec
Country singer and host of TV's Hee Haw.

Ethel Clayton MP
Ethel made her first film in 1909. She went on to appear in over 150 different films over the next 5 decades.

Jan Clayton TV
Jan played Ellen Miller on the TV series "Lassie" she also guest starred on many shows including "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "My Three Sons."

Rev. James Clevland Rec
Once again, there is a typo! Cleveland is the correct spelling of his last name. The Reverend was a gospel musician who won 5 Grammys. He was also had the first gospel LP to sell over 50,000 copies.

Montgomery Clift MP
Oscar nominated star of such films as From Here to Eternity and A Place in the Sun. Clift was a closet homosexual and was set to play closet homosexual Major Weldon Penderton, in Reflections in a Golden Eye at the time of his death. The role eventually went to his friend Marlon Brando.

Patsy Cline Rec
Singer who is probably best known for her hit "Crazy." Billionaire Ross Perot used this song as his campaign song in the 1992 election. Interestingly enough, another Patsy Cline tune was used for his second run at the White House four years later. That song was called "I'm a Short Guy with Big Ears Who Won't go Away."

Rosemary Clooney Rec
Famed singer and aunt of actor George Clooney.

Andy Clyde MP
A western star of over 300 films and shorts. Andy started out in vaudeville and ended up on TV playing parts in the TV series "No Time for Sergeants" (1964) and "The Real McCoys."

Charles Coburn MP
Gruff actor who won an Oscar for his turn in The More The Merrier. He also played the vengeful doctor that amputates Ronald Reagan's legs in the film Kings Row. The amputation leads Reagan's character to shout "Where's the rest of me?" one of the most memorable moments of his career.

James Coburn MP
Prolific actor who appeared in such varied parts as Capt. Vinton Maddox in Midway to the owner of the El Sleazo Cafe in The Muppet Movie.

Imogene Coca TV
Comedienne best known for her work opposite Sid Caesar on "Your Show of Shows." She is also fondly remembered as Aunt Edna, the old lady who dies and is tied to the roof of the station wagon in National Lampoon's Vacation. If only it had been Chevy Chase tied to the roof. And, if only it had been real life and not a movie.

Iron Eyes Cody TV
Iron Eyes Cody was the American Indian who had shed a tear at the sight of litter in a famous TV commercial. He also played many American Indians in films from A Man Called Horse to Ernest Goes to Camp. Surprisingly, Cody was not American Indian, but Italian by birth.

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