Wednesday, November 12, 2008

100 Movies In 100 Days

Recently I challenged my self to become a better person. The best thing I could think of doing was to quit smoking.

Unfortunately I was a non-smoker, but after a trip to the 7-11 I had a pack of Kents and I was ready to start, then stop smoking. And in doing so I would begin (and then no longer) pollute the air with second hand smoke.

Well, a few months later and several thousands dollars worth of "stop smoking" lessons and I had quit smoking.

Anyway, I also watched 100 movies in 100 around the same time. Not sure why I mentioned the other story, except that I felt like mentioning an obscure brand of smokes.

Which Kent probably is.... unless that is your brand, then I mean Merit.

I decided to watch the 100 movies because I felt my movie watching had fallen into a rut. I would routinely watch movies that I had seen just a few years earlier and other times I would spend time talking to my family.

That was no fun, because they usually just chided me about my smoking habit. L&M cigarettes. Obscure? Maybe. Tasty, sure.

So my goal was simple. I would watch 100 of the films that I had NEVER seen. This way I could watch some of the DVDs that I had stacked up in my house, and I could check out some of the fine programming HBO offers.

I saw some great films.

The two best were Spartacus and The Rocketeer. That's two different movies. Although a film called Spartacus and The Rocketeer would have been AWESOME. Like a pack of Benson & Hedges.

I saw two films that were absolutely horrible. L.A. Heat and Transmorphers. That's also two different movies... although L.A. Heat and Transmorphers doesn't actually sound like a movie title.

I also saw some flat out strange movies. I saw an odd animated film about a horse playing baseball, I saw a film where Dolly Parton was an angel, I saw a film where a guy ate a lizard and I saw 4 different Three Stooges movies.

100 days ago I had never seen the Fletch movies, today I have. 100 days ago I had never seen a dog with a mustache... still waiting on that one actually.

I saw an abundance of movies about monkeys in outer space. I saw and abundance of movies about snakes and I SAW A GUY EAT A LIZARD.

I didn't get to the movies during the 100 days as I would have liked, but I did see The Dark Knight, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Space Chimps, Eagle Eye, Fly Me To The Moon, An American Carol and I SAW A GUY EAT A LIZARD. A REAL LIZARD. NOT SOME SPECIAL EFFECT LIZARD.

I went around the world through the movie screen during these 100 days. I saw The African Queen, Harlem Nights, The Great Los Angeles Earthquake and Soccer Dog 2: European Cup. I also wondered why they didn't call it European Pup. Maybe they did and I wrote it down wrong.

I saw so many movies during that 100 days. If you gave me a quarter for every movie I saw I would have 100 quarters... and why don't you give me 100 quarters? Man, that would let me accomplish my other dream of playing 100 games of Primal Rage.

Here is a complete list of the movies:
1. Harlem Nights -DVD- ***
2. Santo & Blue Demon vs. Dracula & The Wolfman -DVD- ***
3. The Dark Knight -Movie Theater- ***
4. Space Chimps -Movie Theater- ****
5. Moon Pilot -DVD- **
6. Unlikely Angel -DVD- ***
7. Ninja: The Protector -DVD- **
8. The Cat From Outer Space -DVD- ****
9. Flesh -DVD- **
10. Ninja Phantom Heroes -DVD- **
11. The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane -DVD- ***
12. Silence of the Heart -DVD- **
13. Boatniks -DVD- ****
14. Superdad -DVD- **
15. Once Upon a Time in the West -DVD- ****
16. Lt. Robinson Caruso USN -DVD- ****
17. The Lonely Guy -Cable- ***
18. Soccer Dog -Cable- **
19. Soccer Dog: European Cup -Cable-***
20. College -Cable- ****
21. Way of the Dragon -DVD- ****
22. I Am Legend -DVD rental- **
23. Headin' Home -Cable- **
24. Unaccompanied Minors -Cable- **
25. Lost Boys: The Tribe -DVD- ****
26. Resident Evil: Extinction -Cable- **
27. Pieces -region 2 DVD- ***
28. Doomsday -DVD- ***
29. Stump the Band -DVD- ***
30. RSVP -DVD- **
31. Alvin & the Chipmunks meet Frankenstein -DVD- **
32. Phantom of Chinatown - Cable TV - ***
33. College Road Trip -DVD rental- ****
34. Animalympics -Cable TV- ****
35. Glory Daze -DVD- **
36. Boa vs. Python -DVD- ****
37. Rattlers -DVD- ****
38. Stanley -Dollar Store DVD- **
39. Swing Vote -Movie Theater- ***
40. Clone Wars -Movie Theater-***
41. Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park -DVD- ***
42. Black Dragon -DVD- **
43. Lets Go To Prison -Cable TV- **
44. Transmorphers -DVD- */*****
45. A Cars Life -DVD- **
46. Chatterbox -bootleg DVD- **
47. Rockin' in the Rockies -Cable- **
48. Drive In -Bootleg DVD- ****
49. Trouble Man -DVD- ***
50. Fletch -Cable TV-**
51. Fletch Lives -Cable TV-**
52. Spill -Cable TV- ***
53. Block-heads -Cable TV- ***
54. The Pom Pom Girls -DVD- **
55. Tomboy -DVD- ***
56. Sergent Murphy -Cable TV- ****
57. Jocks -DVD- ***
58. Omega Man -DVD- ****
59. Faith of My Fathers -DVD- ***
60. Pardon Us -Cable- **
61. The Great Los Angeles Earthquake -DVD- ***
62. The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning -DVD- ****
63. Snow White & The Three Stooges -DVD- **
64. The Honeymooners - Cable TV- ***
65. The Wizard of Gore -DVD- ***
66. Bodyguard- Dollar DVD-***
67. Juggernaut -Cable TV- ***
68. Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back) -Cable- ***
69. The Horse That Played Centerfield - VHS- **
70. The Sasquatch Gang -Cable TV- **
71. The Gunslinger - VHS - **
72. Alias Jesse James -Cable TV- ****
73. The African Queen - Cable - ****
74. The Three Stooges In Orbit -DVD- ****
75. A Boy Named Charlie Brown -DVD- **
76. I Accuse My Parents -VHS- **
77. The Foot Fist Way - DVD -**
78. Rainbow Valley -DVD- ***
79. Randy Rides Alone - DVD - ***
80. Eagle Eye - IMAX Theater - ***
81. The Rocketeer -Cable TV- *****
82. Miracle Mile -Cable TV- ***
83. Fly Me To The Moon 3D -Movie Theater- ***
84. Callaway Went Thataway - Cable TV- ****
85. Hancock -airplane inflight movie- ***
86. Get Smart -airplane inflight movie- **
87. Meet Dave -airplane inflight movie- ****
88. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - MovieTheater- ****
89. L.A. Heat -Cable- *
90. Kit Kittredge: An American Girl - airplane inflight movie- ***
91. Diminished Capacity -airplane inflight movie- **
92. Swing Parade of 1946 - DVD - ***
93. Bottle Rocket - DVD - ***
94. Dance With Me Henry **
95. Tarzan and the Mermaids -Cable TV- ***
96. An American Carol - Movie Theater -**
97. Rising Son - The Legend of Skateboarder Christian Hosoi -Cable- ***
98. Spartacus - Cable TV- *****
99. The Day the Earth Stood Still - Cable TV- ****
100. Demons -DVD- ***

For full write ups click here. Full write ups is a bit of a lie. For a shoddy paragraph about each film click here.

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Guy Hutchinson
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