Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boinking, Buzz and Banishment

Chat rooms are little places where people (sometimes little people) gather to discuss some stuff.

Usually the subjects appeal to a fringe group and the invention of the internet (Al Gore, 1991) has given these folks a place to be heard, hear and hearing. Hear looks funny when you write it many times. Hear I come to save my hearing. Hearing what I hear makes me hear. Hear, hear said the guy who repeats things twice. Hearest hearly hearingly hearamonapia.

Anyway, I am one of those people who likes to seek out other like minded people on the internet. It makes stupid things I like seem far more important.

The thing I look at most on the internet is stuff about Mickey Mouse and his theme parks.

I love those places. I vacation at the two U.S. destinations (Orlando Florida and Fabulous Anaheim California) at least once a year and in the meantime I look for news, rumors and racy pictures of Daisy Duck.

My favorite place to look is a site called:

One of the things I like about micechat is that lots of the people on there are bitter, angry and super-judgmental of others. Sure, most message boards are filled with people like this, but micechat elevates it to a new level.

So, this got me thinking:

If a message board allows posts encouraging the untimely death of Lindsay Lohan, cheers fatal accidents at Six Flags and never uses the word "hear" more than three times in a post... what is unacceptable?

Well, some things are.

And micechat has a very nice group of people who spend lots of time combing through the messages and looking for trolls and things that trolls do. When they find anything objectionable they move it to....


The litter box is a special message board (for micechat registered users only) that is full of posts that needed to be moved away from the civilized forums... and also has some posts that people create just to talk about in the litter box.

The good thing about the litter box is that the rules are a little relaxed. So I wondered... can I post something so vile it gets kicked out of the litter box?

Yep, and it only took a matter of minutes:

Image Hosted by

I posted a thread with the title "If you were Buzz, who would you boink?"

The thread contained a poll with three choices and this photo:
Image Hosted by

Under the photo I posted "So who would you boink? The chick with the aqua blue face, the big red blob or the little robot? Of course I assume he boinked all three at some point.

Within moments the post was banished... moved to "the graveyard" and area so scary that they call it... the graveyard.

So, I am reposting the poll and picture with the title "If you were Buzz, who would you have a secret crush for... that you only revealed in you diary and to your BFF?"

Image Hosted by

Of course, I assume he has a secret crush for all of them. He wont ever tell them, of course, or they might stop boinking him.