Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Walk of Fame: Vol. C, Part 4

As we continue through the letter C we find a whole bunch of new stars. Let's take a look:

Ilka Chase MP
Ilka Chase TV

Ilka was an actress in the 1965 TV series "The Trials of O'Brien." She also appeared in many motion pictures including Oceans 11 (the one with Frank Sinatra, not George Clooney.)

Ruth Chatterton MP

Star of motion pictures such as 1931's Unfaithful. Among the many characters she played over the years were: Queenie, Floozie, Elsie, Zelia, Celia, Pansy and Frisco. I love that list! It looks like a re-re's list of Snow White's Seven Dwarves.

Sonny & Cher TV

Famed musical combo who hosted a popular variety show. The he became a politician and she has a yearly "farewell tour."

Virgina Cherrill MP

These names are taken directly from the list on the Hollywood Walk of Fame's official site. Still, it is FULL of typos. (Check out the update at the bottom of this page for more info.)
Anyway, Ms. Cherrill spelled her name VIRGINIA. She was an actress in a few films in the early thirties. She is best remembered as the blind girl who sold flowers in the Charlie Chaplin film City Lights. If you have never seen that, you may have seen the parody of that film they did on "ALF." In that Lynne played the blind flower girl. If you didn't see that "ALF" episode, maybe you saw that episode of "H.R. Pufnstuf" where the horse swallowed Freddie the flute. That had no mention of City Lights, but I liked that show.
Virginia (briefly) married Cary Grant in the 1930s and stopped working soon after.

Maurice Chevalier MP

Classy actor who starred in French films in the early days of cinema and then became an American film star in the 1930s. He was also a singer and sung the title song to the Disney film The Aristocats.

Chicago Rec

Musical group who once went by the name The Chicago Transit Authority. Then they shortened their name and made a bunch of wimpy pop songs. I like to pretend that this star is in recognition of everyone in the city of Chicago that has ever recorded a record... EXCEPT Chicago.

Al Christie MP

Star from the early days of cinema. Christie starred in over 200 shorts and features including a 1937 film called High-C Honeymoon. I can only imagine it is about a man that marries a juice box.

Charles Christie MP

Brother of Al Christie, Charles was one of the earliest film industry moguls. Charles owned a film studio and was responsible for the success of such names a Fatty Arbuckle and Harold Lloyd.

Chester Cinklin MP

Once again, there is a massive typo here! The name should read "Conklin!"
Chester was an early film comic who appeared in many Charlie Chaplin films and Keystone Kops films.

Ina Claire MP

Ina starred in a handful of films in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s including Claudia and Rebound. (Those are two different films, one called "Claudia" and another called "Rebound." No, that is not the "Rebound" that starred Martin Lawrence. I wish that I had a pet monkey that dressed in the same clothes as me. I like ice cream. Anyone still reading?)

To be continued.

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