Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Yes, the amount of lousy dollar store action figures is overwhelming. In the past I shared some of my finds with you:

A Daredevil toy that has a weenie

A Handsome Robot


A guy named Super Hero

Today, it's Braveman.

Sure, he may LOOK like a bat. Sure, he has the Batman logo on his chest. But he is not Batman. Not at all.

He's Braveman.

He comes with a gun, a sword and a medieval battle axe. He is prepared to fight crime in any time period.

Let's see what it would be like if Braveman was in a Waffle House with John Travolta from Battlefield Earth, Will Smith from Wild Wild West and Pericles the monkey from Planet of the Apes:

BRAVEMAN: Hey guys!
JOHN TRAVOLTA: What's with the He-Man sword?
BRAVEMAN: You know, to spread butter on my waffles.
WILL SMITH: I wish I could butter my waffles! They hurt.
BRAVEMAN: What's up with him? Why is he walking like that?
JOHN TRAVOLTA: The monkey bit him.
MONKEY: Unnuh eek uggh ugggh!
BRAVEMAN: I see. Did you guys order yet?
JOHN TRAVOLTA: Yeah. I'm getting a ham steak.
BRAVEMAN: Wow that sounds good. What about you?
WILL SMITH: I'm just getting a Pepsi. The monkey wants a plate of banana waffles.
BRAVEMAN: Banana waffles! You crack me up, monkey!
MONKEY: Unnuh eek uggh ugggh!


  1. I love my Pericles figure! He comes complete with an Alpha Pod!


  2. Anonymous8/15/2005

    Funny stuff. Where did you get the Will Smith figure?

  3. Anonymous8/15/2005

    I guess I am alone in this, but I liked Battlefied Earth.

  4. Will Smith was in a BK Kids Meal.

    As for Battlefield Earth, I actually REALLY liked it. I thought it was a fun SciFi ride.

  5. What happens if you butter Braveman?

  6. Anonymous8/15/2005

    I know he's supposed to be a cowboy but that Will Smith figure is in quite a strange position and I'm not sure if he is really short or the monkey is really tall.

  7. Yeah, Will came with a horse so he is bowlegged so he can ride. I think it's funnier without the horse. Much funnier.