Friday, April 24, 2009

youtube junk #2: The Cat vs. Crab edition

Get you fancy pants on because it's time for youtube to show us the epic battle of Cat vs. Crab.

The first video starts with a cat resting comfortably on a chair outside.
A Budweiser sits in the camera frame. Make sense that alcohol would be involved in cat/crab fights. This cat seems to want peace and so does the crab.
But the drunken family cheers them on.
The children wonder if the crab is dead.
"No he is very alive." says one onlooker.
Who will win? Watch and find out:

Crab 1 Cat 0

This next clip starts out with a gang of cats confronting a lone crab at Backpack Point, OH. What happens next will shock you:

Or maybe not. It's a draw. I get the feeling that Cat vs. Crab isn't as exciting as it sounds.

Crabs that smoke on the other hand...

Or how about this guy:

And finally, this might be the #1 reason for youtube... commercials for Member's Only jackets:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

youtube junk

I really like
If you haven't heard it's a website where you can watch videos.

And, if you haven't heard that... a website is a collection of related web pages, images, videos or other digital assets that are hosted on one web server, usually accessible via the Internet.

Anyway, here is some stuff I found on the youtube.

High Five:

Here are some of the greatest 'high fives' I have ever seen. EVER!

Korean Popeyes' commercial:

This is the greatest commercial since that commercial for that retreat where those guys high fived each other.
It features a gal yelling at a craw-fish and then the craw-fish puts her in her place so she puts a giant spoon in her mouth.

Triple H's invisible shirt:

This is an odd video of WWE superstar HHH taking off a shirt he isn't wearing. I have heard some people claim he was wrapped up in a piece of cable... but I think he just took one too many chair shots.
Just remind yourself "There is no shirt."

Guy falls off stage:

This is a classic. This dude is just dancing like he is cock of the walk. Then he falls off the stage.
I am so glad I finally used 'cock of the walk' on this site.

Steve Ballmer goes crazy:

I never heard of him before, but now I love Steve Ballmer.
It's like the coach of "Just the Ten of Us" acting like the coach of 'I Drank Too Much Red Bull Industries."

Bundy vs. Buster:

Here Bundy beats up a mascot to help a small child... who I guess wanted to beat up a mascot.
Sadly, the kid doesn't know how to do Bundy's fabled 5 count.

Jackie Chan and some puppets:

Jackie tells some puppet animals that they are naked so they go shopping and then fight.

Incredible Hulk DVD:

It's cheap plastic, but it's pretty cool to have it.

Recouping with Dr. T:

Mr. T shows how to recoup using your break dance moves. It's absoludicris!
Somehow we want the guy who played Paul on Cheers to like us.

Bergen & McCarthy at the Chinese Theatre:

Let's end on a classic note as puppet Charlie McCarthy gets his hands and footprints enshrined outside the famed theater.