Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas from 2004

Day Twelve
The Twelve Days Of Christmas: The Song
The 12 days of Christmas always puzzled me. Why 12 days? I only got 1 day (two if you count Christmas Eve.)

Day Eleven
Christmas Rap
It was the greatest album ever released. Christmas Rap.
Never before have two words looked so good side by side. This album was released at the end of the 1980s, so finally people could listen to 'Christmas in Hollis' and 'Ghetto Santa' on one album.

Day Ten
An Interview with a Fruitcake

In honor of the upcoming holiday, I set down with this Christmas standard, the fruitcake.

Day Nine
A Hershey Christmas

Hershey Pennsylvania, a town that smells like chocolate.
Never a bad place to visit, but the holidays are especially fun in Hershey.
I went there this weekend to take in some of the holiday events they offer.

Day Eight
Mr. T as the White House Santa
The year was 1983. Jackie Collin's 'Hollywood Wives' topped the bestseller list, the Baltimore Orioles were baseball's world champions and Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

Day Seven
Santa on the Web Part 4 (last one I promise!)
Today we explore more of jolly 'ol St. Nick's online homes. First up is This site is pretty plain and has lots of banner ads. My favorite was for Santa, you old scamp.

Day Six
Santa on the Web part 3
Yikes, even more Santa sites! Let's start On their front page there is an animation of Santa falling on some ice. The animation is looped so he just falls again and again. it's painful to watch. Old people like Santa have fragile hips and falls on ice tend to be very dangerous anyway.

Day Five
Santa on the Web part 2
Yup, Santa is on the internet. So, grab your mouse and let’s go!
First on the list today is, a nice looking site that offers a pay service to have Santa call you! For $4.95 your child will get to interact with a pre-recorded call.

Day Four
Santa on the Web part 1
Holy Dwight Schultz! Santa is ALL OVER THE WEB. I was stunned to find out just how many websites the big guy has.
Today, let's take a look at a few of them. First off is
The main draw of this site is, of course, the ability to EMAIL Santa.

Day Three
Scary Movies About Santa Claus
I don't know why, but there are MANY horror films that revolve around Christmas. Go to your local Circuit City and you will find more holiday horror than you can shake a stick at.

Day Two
Have a Panda Christmas with eBay
Apparently, like 'silver' is the 25th wedding anniversary, 'panda' is the baby's forth Christmas.
This eBay item asks the question:
Do you have a 9 year old that you forgot to buy an ornament for back in 1999?

Day One
Run DMC's Christmas in Hollis
Once upon a time Santa came to Hollis Queens. Luckily Run DMC was there to give us a play by play of his appearance.
Run DMC: Christmas in Hollis
It was December 24th on Hollis Ave after dark
When I see a man chilling with his dog in the park
I approached very slowly with my heart full of fear