Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Have a Panda Christmas with eBay

Apparently, like 'silver' is the 25th wedding anniversary, 'panda' is the baby's forth Christmas.
This eBay item asks the question:
Do you have a 9 year old that you forgot to buy an ornament for back in 1999?

There is no shame in admitting it. Perhaps you were so busy fearing Y2K that you just never got to Hallmark.
Now, you can repair your child’s scarred psyche with the 1999 baby's fourth Christmas panda ornament.


At last count, there were over 80 items on eBay that come up when you type "Panda Christmas" into eBay's search engine!

Christmas Panda Bear and Penguin
This listing is for the dynamic duo of a panda AND a penguin candle. The panda, decked out in his red sweater and green hat is clearly trying to show his love for Christmas (or Freddy Krueger.)
So as not to confuse anyone of his intentions, the penguin has 'I love Christmas and you' tattooed on his chest.
In the photo, the bear is looking away from the penguin's message of love. He is either uninterested, or playing hard to get.
If the unrequited love of a penguin and a panda don't get you in the Christmas spirit, I don't know what will!

2002 Child's Third Christmas HALLMARK Panda TRAIN * NR!
WHAT! Baby's THIRD Christmas can be a panda Christmas too??? Wow! Maybe every Christmas could be all about pandas!

Christmas Panda Bear Tin Serving Tray plate bowl candy dish
It's a tin! It's a serving tray! It’s a plate! It's a bowl! It's a candy dish!
It's a magic 5 in 1 kitchen MIRACLE! How much would you pay for this? Well, act now and you can get it for the low opening bid of $0.99! Imagine the conversations you could have.

LIL' JIMMY: Dad, Billy says this is a plate, but I told him it was a bowl. Then Ricky said it was a candy dish and his mother said it was really a tin. But, Uncle Carl called it a serving tray! Who is right?
DAD: Actually, son, you’re ALL right!
LIL' JIMMY: You’re not my real father, jerk!

Panda Bear Red Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Vintage WOW
If your tree is looking for something christmassy to wear for that night on the town, look no further!
Red, covered in pandas and very festive.
Plus, it has a slit ALL THE WAY up the back, because let's face it: your tree is a tramp.


  1. Anonymous12/14/2004

    Ooooh Neat animation!

  2. Anonymous12/14/2004

    Most bizarre article EVER!

  3. Anonymous12/14/2004

    the father and son bit cracked me up!

  4. Anonymous12/14/2004

    Guy Who Looks Like Uncle Carl said:
    I wish I had a big Panda steak fro dinner this Christmas!

  5. This site has gotten SOOOOOOOO much more biz since the last time I came by.

    Love it!

  6. Fellas, I didn't wanna get too technical here. But, you guys have to realize that I think every thing in spanish. Now, there's genders for every single noun in spanish, and "tree" is definitely male. EVEN IN ELNGISH!!!

    Esta navidad mi árbol masculino no vestirá una falda. No esta navidad, ni cualquier otro día. NUNCA!!!

  7. Gene Hackman is so cool that Pandas shop on E-bay for 5 year old ornaments featuring him!

  8. Sweetie, Panda Christmases are nice, but I think only a Koala Christmas truly captures the meaning of this special season. For people like me, check out

    Let's make this the BEST Koala Christmas ever!!!

  9. The 12 days of Christmas and by day 2 we've reached wacky items on E-bay? I guess this won't be the 12 days of originality. Is Christmas at the dollar store tomorrow? Speaking of originality, I'm sure no one noticed that Mr. Freeze's post is basically the same idea as the main article with just another wacky breed of bear substituted for a panda. I can smell the originality oozing out of my computer. I guess, since I'm the only person living in the United States, reading this blog, which has now become the United Nations of blogs (with only slightly less corruption)I am probably the only person who noticed this.

  10. I once had a Panda Christmas. It was delicious!!

  11. You know what would be AWESOME?? If Evel Knievel celebrated Christmas by jumping over the Panda exhibit at the Cincinnati zoo, but miscalculated the jump and accidently fell in. To make matters worse, it was mating season for the Pandas and they started to approach Knievel in seach of Panda love. However, at the last minute the Pandas looked up and saw Santa and his riendeer flying above. Santa stopped and said to Knievel, "ho, ho, ho, another fine mess, Knievel." Santa dropped a rope from his sliegh and Knievel climbed to safety. Together they distributed presnents to all the good boys and girls. Then because they got done in 1/2 the time, Santa and Evel returned to the north pole for egg nog. Oh man that would be SSSSWWWWEEEETTTTT!!!!!!!

  12. Anonymous12/15/2004

    Oh, that Condescending Guy. He's such a jerk!!


  13. Obijuan, your tree will wear a skirt... AND HE WILL LIKE IT!

  14. Chritmas at the dollar store will be on tuesday. Tomorrow is Christmas in on the Hollywood Sign.

  15. Anonymous12/15/2004

    Oh that Jeff, he never got it together.

  16. It's Panda time!

    Ever go to a Panda Express?

  17. Anonymous12/16/2004

    This eBay item asks the question:
    Do you have a 9 year old that you forgot to buy an ornament for back in 1999?

    I have a problem with this question, in fact it is keeping me up at night. If you are nine now then 1999 was your 5th Christmas. A 9 year old on Christmas 2004 would have been born in 1995 and would have celebrated his first Christmas in 1995, 2nd in 1996, 3rd in 1997 and 4th in 1998! I demand that eBay force the seller to correct this. Otherwise we will have a poor nine year old thinking Christmas '99 was his panda Christmas! It is an outrage I say!!!

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comment. As for the age of the forgotten child, perhaps he/she was born on December 26-31 making 1999 his/her fourth Christmas.
    Or maybe the child spent the first year of his/her life Jewish.
    Or maybe the child was born on a leap year, or something.

    Either way, the addition error (if there is one) lies at my feet not eBays. I am just glad it didn't happen on my OTHER site THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EMBARRASING!


  19. Anonymous12/12/2005

    OK - I just checked on eBay. Panda Christmas returns 97 items... Throw in the word ornament and you will find 29 items. In light of the events at the National Zoo this year I am making 2005 the YEAR OF THE PANDA. My tree will be covered with only panda ornaments! And to think that I found IT on eBay…