Sunday, December 19, 2004

Santa on the Web part 3

Yikes, even more Santa sites! Let's start On their front page there is an animation of Santa falling on some ice. The animation is looped so he just falls again and again. it's painful to watch. Old people like Santa have fragile hips and falls on ice tend to be very dangerous anyway.

Below the animation it says 'click Santa to enter'. What happens if I click him? Will Santa get run over by a zamboni? I am not going to bother to enter. Let's just move on before someone gets hurt. claims to be the oldest Christmas site on the web. They have a very cute site with lots of great animation. They also offer several interactive activities and a list of ways to get on the nice list.

Let's take a look.

10. Christmas Caroling
Good tip, but don't try this in the summer. That can get you on the 'restraining order list.'
9. Always saying "please" and "thank you"
8. Wishing Santa a "Merry Christmas!" when you call him on Christmas Eve
7. Making special Christmas cards or gifts for family and friends
6. Reading or telling stories to your little brothers or sisters

I tell them the story of the guy who used to go caroling in the summer. Now he talks to himself and washes his hands until the bleed.
5. Wishing everyone you meet during the holiday's a "Merry Christmas"
How delightfully un-PC of Santa! I think you should also insist that everyone you meet worship Jesus Christ.
4. Asking Santa to bring your brother or sister that special toy you know they really want
3. Shoveling a busy neighbor's sidewalk or driveway

Shovel a busy highway, too. That will get you on the REALLY nice list.
2. Helping out with chores- without being asked!!
1. Asking your parents to donate food, toys and blankets to local charities for less fortunate families during the holiday season.

Thanks for the tip Santa. Now, stay OFF the ice!

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