Saturday, December 18, 2004

Santa on the Web Part 2

Yup, Santa is on the internet. So, grab your mouse and let’s go!

First on the list today is, a nice looking site that offers a pay service to have Santa call you! For $4.95 your child will get to interact with a pre-recorded call.
According to the site "Santa Claus is brought to wonderful life by much respected English actor, Richard Carrington who has spent many years playing the Vicar in BBC Radio's long running drama "The Archers". Although pre-recorded, each Santa Call sounds incredibly "live" and allows some interaction with the child too."

They seem to be following the 'all old British guys sound like Santa' theory that is very popular in Hollywood.

Although $4.95 isn't a BAD price, you can still do better! At you can get The Professor from Gilligan's Island to call and leave a personalized Christmas message for $19.95.

I ask you, puts you in the Holiday spirit: some recorded message from some British guy, or The Professor talking to you through a coconut shell? is one of Santa's OTHER homes on the web. This site has a nice layout and cute graphics.
The site is ad-free and offers letters from some of the key characters at the North Pole.

My favorite is Rudolph's. Among other things he says "Do you know what my favorite color of gumdrop is? Red, of course!!!!! It matches my nose!!" Uh huh. So your favorite gumdrop is the one that matches your nose. I guess 'covered with acne' was a popular gumdrop at my high school.

Another classic letter is from Mrs. Claus she talks about how busy she is, but then admits that all she has to do is make ginger bread houses and press Santa's suit.


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