Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Rap

It was the greatest album ever released.

Christmas Rap

Never before have two words looked so good side by side. This album was released at the end of the 1980s, so finally people could listen to 'Christmas in Hollis' and 'Ghetto Santa' on one album.

This compilation album was released at the same time as that goofy 'Very Special Christmas' album that featured 'Christmas In Hollis' as well as Madonna's grating 'Santa Baby', a song that never seems to disappear from the holiday Christmas rotation.

THAT album, with songs from such artists as Sting and The Pretenders, offered little to hip hop fans.

So, Christmas Rap was the clear choice for all 'Christmas In Hollis' fans.

The cover of the album features a pair of gift wrapped legs wearing Christmas lights and Run DMC's signature Adidas Superstar sneakers. I assume it wasn't Run DMC under the gift wrap, and I am glad I didn't have to unwrap it to find out.

'Christmas In Hollis' has already been covered on this site, and although that is the most interesting track on the album, it is FAR from the only interesting track on the album.

After Run DMC's ode to collard greens and Adidas there were 8 other hip hop tracks. You can hear sample of the tracks on CD Universe.

Sweet Tee - Let the Jingle Bells Rock
Sweet Tee comes in with a sing song-y rap called 'Let the Jingle Bells Rock'. The title is rather odd, since I don't think anyone was trying to stop the rocking of the Jingle Bells. Either way, I am sure Bill Haley will turn over in his grave when he hears this song. That is, if he hears it AFTER he dies. If he hears it now he will probably just lie on the floor and start turning over.

what! you didn't know Christmas went hip hop
check the clock and let the jingle bells rock

I saw a wreath hanging on every door
Santa on the corner getting cash for the poor
people shopping, their eyes filled with gleam
store windows have a Christmas theme
chestnut roasting champagne toasting
kids on the corner with their new toys boasting

I like the line "their eyes filled with gleam." One would think she wanted to say GLEE (great merriment), but it didn't rhyme. So instead we get GLEAM (reflected light.) Granted the eye can reflect light, but somehow it seems like a bizarre anatomy fact for a Christmas rap song.

Dana Dane Is Coming To Town - Dana Dane
The ultra cool Dana Dane reminds us what he feels the holidays are TRULY about: DANA DANE.

Ghetto Santa - Spyder-D
A smattering of synthesized Christmas tunes and the words 'pump it up' accompany this first person account of Ghetto Santa's Christmas operation. It's pretty much the same as regular Santa, with more Ghetto.
That, by the way, is the Easter Bunny's slogan.


Christmas In The City - King Sun-D Moet
Maybe it's just because This song is 4th on the album, but it really sounds like King Sun-D Moet just took all the previous songs and stitched them together in hopes of making one MEGA SONG!

Chillin' With Santa - Derek B
Derek B tells the story of how Santa called upon him one year to help out with Christmas. It's a shame that Santa called upon Derek B back then when he was busy making music. He should call Derek B up THIS Christmas. I am sure he has plenty of time this year.

He's Santa Claus - Disco 4
Santa, who really needs to hire some full time help, calls upon the Disco 4 who help him deliver presents.
You know with all of the rap connections it's no surprise Santa hasn't been gunned down in one of those 'East Coast/West Coast' feuds.

That's What I Want For Christmas - The Showboys
The Showboys don't put much effort into their track, they just take a sample of 'White Christmas' and then mention all the expensive gifts they want.

(White Christmas sample)I'm dreaming of a-
Mansion and a Yacht

I am glad they weren't on my Christmas list.

Surf M. C. New Year, A - Surf M. C.'s
Surf M.C.'s make a valiant effort to link Christmas AND New Years in their track to help make it relevant for an extra week.
They say Santa will bring you surfing stuff if you are a good boy or girl.

I am sure the Showboys will be disappointed. Maybe they will have to wait for Derek B, the Disco 4 and Ghetto Santa to bring them their mansion and yacht.


  1. Anonymous12/22/2004

    Good stuff.

    I love all the rap articles!

  2. Anonymous12/22/2004

    Guy Who Looks Liks Spyder-D said:
    I wish I looked like someone else.