Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Reeses Junk
A history of the fine candy.

The Gum Junk
History of chewing gum.

The Quiznos Junk
The greatest sandwich I have ever had.

The Hooters Junk
The Hooters' menu.

The Herb Junk
He never tasted a burger.

The Big League Chew Junk
Tough talk with a tough gum.

The Chicken Nugget Junk
A history of nature's perfect food.

The WWF NY Junk
Eat up in Times Square.

The Nixon’s Big Mac Junk
President Nixon loves Mickey Ds!

The Skipper's Barrel Junk
Skipper's Hollywood eatery.

The Gofer Junk
A junk food utopia.

The Hollywood Hot Dog Junk
A hot dog eating spree!

The Waffle House Junk
Scattered, Smothered, Covered, Chunked, Topped & Diced, just for you!

The Planet Hollywood NYC Junk
Yummy, food and Stallone's car!

The Breakfast Junk
Most important meal of the day? Find out here.

The Future of Ice Cream Junk
Kill me! Kill me now!

The Pastamania! Junk
When Pastamania! ruled the earth.

The Rainforrest Cafe Junk
A review of the Rainforrest Cafe. Plus a Mr. Limpett reference!

The Nitro Grill Junk
WCW feeds Las Vegas.

The Cereal Mascots Junk
A list of the 10 best!

The Fast Food Quiz Junk
Do you eat too much fast food? Find out!

The History of the Taco Junk
Learn of it's humble beginnings.

The Sexist Candy Bar Junk
The Yorkie, it's not for girls.

The Abdullah Junk
Abdullah the Butcher's House of Ribs and Chinese Food.