Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Awesome Clock Junk
Dick Vitale in clock form.

The San Andreas Junk
Take a look at the locations in the game.

The Robops Junk
We study the newest toy sensation from Taco Bell, the Robops.

The Daredevil Toy Junk
I can't explain this one.

The Super Hero Toy Junk
He is here to save the world with his belly button!

The Target’s Dollar Store Junk
Toys and coffee.

The Toy Robot Junk

The Old Toy Junk
A look at some all time favorite toys, including Silly Putty and Mr. Potato Head.

The Taco Bell Dinosaur Junk
We go to Taco Bell for kids meals, and the manager kisses a monkey.

The Hulk Hands Junk
A poem about Hulk Hands (the very first article on

The Hulk Hands #2 Junk
A series of poems about Hulk Hands. Add your own.

The WCW Toys Junk
Yuck, wrestling figures that vibrate!