Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Great cereal mascots

Ahhhh, the cereal mascot. As a child, there is NOTHING more important to consider when choosing a cereal. Even as adults this is true. Think about it, does anyone eat Wheaties for the TASTE?

With such an important role in breakfast, these 10 legends are, worth counting down.

All ten of the mascots featured on the list are CURRENTLY featured on their cereals in your supermarket. Many of them have gone through changes over the years, but they are still around.
Because of this rule, this list excludes the great "Crispy" of Crispy Critters, but you can't win 'em all.

The list also does not include any characters that are from other sources. No celebrity cereals or movie based cereals. This rule is known as the "Flintstone's Rule" designed to keep Fruity Pebbles from dominating the list. Yaba-dabba-don't-even-think-about-it.

So, in the words of Casey Kassem "how can I play Robin the Boy Wonder and Shaggy in the same episode of Scooby Doo? Won't that confuse the children?"

Oh wait, how about these words from Casey Kassem "on with the countdown."

10. Sunny (the sun) - Raisin Bran
The sun endorses Raisin Bran. The SUN! Now, THAT is an endorsement. In the commercials he used to pour two scoops of raisins into the box. He also used to wear sunglasses. I guess he wore the sunglasses to protect his eyes from... HIMSELF!
Sunny is still around, but usually without the sunglasses. I just hope he is wearing sun block.

9. Crackle (Snap, Crackle and Pop) -Rice Crispies
Crackle is truly the stand-out mascot in the trio. You may hear the others say that the cereal is crispy in milk, but Crackle makes you believe it. You know when he tells you, that he is... ah, I'm just kidding. I don't even know which one is Crackle. They are all cool.

8. Lucky the Leprechaun - Lucky Charms
Lucky is a happy cereal provider. He is always telling people about the marshmallow shapes in Lucky Charms. These shapes include: green clovers, blue diamonds, purple horseshoes, yellow fever, pink eye, black sabbath and agent orange.

7. Honey Nut Bee - Honey Nut Cheerios
A cute little bee that can barely hold the bowl of cereal he offers. Viewers hold their breath during his spots, fearing that he will be crushed under the weight of the milk.

6. Sonny - Cocoa Puffs
Along with #5, the Trix Rabbit, Sonny is one of the mascots that are not ALLOWED to eat his cereal. This makes Sonny and the rabbit resort to chicanery and scams to get a bowl.
On the rare occasions that they get some cereal they immediately go into fits of euphoria.
The science lab recently fed both cereals to a rabbit and a bird simultaneously. Within seconds they exploded, leaving a huge mushroom cloud.

5. Rabbit- Trix
See above.

4. Boo Berry - Boo Berry
A member of the "Universal Monster rip-off cereals" along with Frankenberry, Count Chocula (and the extinct) Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy. Boo Berry makes the list because he has a cool hat.

3. Toucan Sam - Froot Loops
Tells us to "follow your nose, it always knows." I love his decision to rhyme 'nose' with 'knows.'

2. Tony the Tiger - Frosted Flakes
He's grrrrreat. I'm lazzzzzzy, so that is all I'm wrrrrriting.

1. Cap'n Crunch - Cap'n Crunch
The King of cereal mascots, the Cap'n has been on the box since 1963.
Cap'n Horatio Crunch is a sea captain. Born on Crunch Island (located in the Milk Sea) he captains the S.S. Guppy.
Crunch's mission in to keep his cereal from getting soggy. One would think land or air travel would be a better avenue for delivery if keeping the cargo dry was so important, but still Cap'n travels the sea.
So, even though he often looks drunk, the Cap'n tops the list.

Click here to watch a Cap'n Crunch commercial.


  1. Anonymous9/22/2004

    Tony the tiger! AWESOME!

  2. John Kerry,

    Thanks for the input, sorry that you weren't familliar with any of these Mascots. Let me recommed that you visit a site run by my former employees, Anton. has done a list of the greatest Eggs Benedict mascots on his site. His site features Russian nostalgia and Egg news.

  3. Ever notice none of the Amway cereals had mascots. Neither do the store brands. Hmmm....interesting.

  4. I am starting to regret leaving Dig 'Em the Frog OFF this list.
    So sorry, Dig 'Em. You were #11, I promise!