Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mrs. Pennypacker

Mrs. Pennypacker appears in my son's favorite DVD:

Mrs. Pennypacker appears during one of the genuinely funny parts of the show.

BJ & Baby Bop are discussing Halloween with a Vaudeville inspired back and forth:

BJ: When you go to the door say 'trick or treat'.
Baby Bop: ok, I'll say 'treat'.
BJ: no say 'trick or treat'!
Baby Bop: I choose 'treat'.

Sure, it's no Abbott & Costello, but it's the high point of this show.

In order to get through the repeated viewings of this I have decided to imagine the back story of each character.

Mrs. Pennypacker's husband was convicted in a ponzi scheme in 1989. He died during the trial.

The jury found her innocent due to her story that she didn't know what he was doing... but she did.

She enjoys the show "Three and a Half Men" and she puts a little brandy in her night time tea.

She always wanted to learn how to ski. She spends the weekends with her two grand kids Bobby & Dobby. She secretly resents her son in law for insisting on the name Dobby. She thinks it will ruin his life.

Before her marriage she dated James Fargo, who later became secretary of treasury in the Carter administration.

Yep. That's what I imagine. It passes the time.

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