Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Me on TV

On 12/23 I went to NYC and stood in the crowd for a live TV broadcast... what happened next would shock an entire nation:
Not really, but my family members who watched the show thought it was funny to see me on camera.

Here I am reacting to a 2 month extension of the payroll tax cut:

 How did I react? With a mixture of moxie and compassion and a bit of confusion as to what this meant... did I get more money or less? I wasn't sure.

Here I am looking at a blonde:

Here I am looking at something the dude from Brookstone was showing host Neil Cavuto:

This shot looks like he was asking me a question about men looking like idiots on TV. Sadly he was not. He was talking to the dude behind me... this was a subject I was becoming an expert at as minutes ticked by!

Darkness fell upon NYC and giant mice emerged from the sewers to share cheese with me:
Is that not enough me for you? Watch this video, at 3 minutes and 38 seconds I get sad that I am not on camera so I start awkwardly leaning into the shot:

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