Wednesday, January 11, 2012

House & House II and Norm & Cliff

Listening to the latest episode of the Movie Brain Rot podcast I was delighted to hear them mention House & House II.

I have a soft spot for this double feature of ham-fisted horror. You know why?

This is why:

 Yep. The barfly version of Laurel & Hardy... wait.... Laurel & Hardy were probably barflys... they seem like it.

Anyway, forget the Laurel & Hardy comparison, Norm (George Wendt) is in House:

Here is a picture of him Housin':

Cliff (John Ratzenberger) is in House II:

 Here he is Double Housin'

I kept waiting to see who would show up in House III!

Then I figured a few sequels later they would make:

But, sadly there never was a TRUE sequel to House II. There was a film that a studio pretended was House III, but it wasn't. 

Plus no one from Cheers was in it so it certainly doesn't count.

Anyway, check out Movie Brain Rot. If you are fan of the quirky side of cinema you will love it.

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