Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Andre the Giant vs Car

Andre the Giant was a big man. A big, awesome man.

He liked to stand next to small cars.

 He could fit in a small car if it was a convertible.
 He could lift a small car.
 I found these pictures on this forum where people where sharing old wrestling pictures.

Here is Andre next to an old time car:
 Andre tries to get in... cue the Benny Hill music:
 Trying to squeeze in:
 He got his head in. That's a good start:
 Alright, that's not working...
 How about butt first (first time I ever wrote that sentence)...
 Sad Andre can't get into a car. Boo hoo.
 Yeah. Sad ending to this. But to cheer y'all up, here's The Rock dressed like L.L. Cool J outside a gas station with a fan:

Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson