Monday, January 23, 2012

How old is Charo?

It depends on how much of a perv Xavier Cugat was.

From wiki:
Official documents in Murcia, Spain (where she was born) and the United States indicate she was born in 1941, but Charo has insisted she was born in 1951 and persuaded a United States court to uphold the 1951 birth year as official.[citation needed]

The performer has said in past interviews that her parents allowed her to falsify her age to appear to be older after marrying 66-year-old band leader Xavier Cugat when she was 15.[2]

Further complicating the question is the fact that contemporary press reports gave her age at marriage as 21,[3][4] an April 1966 column on the wedding plans stated she was 20 and Cugat was 60,[5] and columns less than two years before the marriage refer to her as Cugat's "18-year-old protegĂ©e" — which, if she was falsifying her age, would have made her actually 13 at the time.[6]

In October 1977[7] — the same year in which Charo filed for divorce from Cugat and became an American citizen — a United States court upheld the 1951 birth year as official, with the performer providing a sworn statement from her parents in support of her claim.[8]

Commenting on the disputes over her age, she has said that the public's disbelief could prove advantageous: "But if people really believe I'm older, that's fine. Don't be surprised if I come out with my own cosmetics, a new energy bar and maybe some vitamins."[2]

Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson


  1. "Charo's Chewables" That works for both vitamins or energy bars. Cosmetics, not so much.

  2. Anonymous10/30/2014

    my parents took me to see charo and mr cougat-i was 4 years old--now I am 70 and charo is 63--I was raised in hollyweird and I know that with the right money ,the clock can swing back wards.alot.