Monday, January 09, 2012

Hulk Hogan's fist helmet

Did ya ever Google something and NOT find it? It's odd!

The internet knows all, right?

A few years ago I had a moment like this. I was sitting at a Denny's talking old school wrestling with a friend and as I bit into my Moons Over My Hammy I remembered something.... Hulk Hogan's fist helmet.

It looked like this:
Now, this was pre-iPhone so when my buddy stared blankly at me I had no ability to Google a screenshot... or Yahoo it or whatever we were doing back then.

So for the next 20 minutes I blabbed on and on about this helmet and he didn't believe me. Hogan was a "good guy", why would he stoop as low as to use a weapon?

I didn't remember.

"Perhaps he had a head injury." I said.
"Perhaps you had a head injury." he countered.

So after consuming the remained of my hammy moons we headed out.

I feel the need to interrupt this story at this point. I had intended to just throw up a photo of a plate of Moons Over My Hammy, but a Google search gave me too many choices. Here are my favorites:

Actually, that brings me to my point. We left Denny's and I made him come back to my house so I could look up the Hogan helmet. I found nothing. I just kept typing things like "hulk hogan helmet" and "hulk hogan fist hat" and "hulk hogan headgear" and no results. Eventually he left. It was awkward.

Flash forward to today and YouTube recommended this video clip:

During the clip Vince mentions the helmet and he says it was never used. Then Hogan says he thinks he used it once.

So I Googled "hulk hogan helmet" and found some images, all courtesy of this message board thread: link.

They even had a magazine cover:

I can't wait to tell my friend. I am sure he forgot the conversation.