Friday, January 13, 2012

DVD gimmicks

I am a sucker for a clever DVD case. If they come up with a unique way to present it, I can't pull out my wallet fast enough.

Actually, it's not just DVDs. I can't tell you how many times I have bought a drink because it was served with a light up ice cube or bought a plate of ribs because it was served on a trashcan lid.

But back to DVDs, I listened to the Movie Brain Rot podcast (and I know, I plugged it the other day too... but i'ts a good show.)

The most recent episode was all about clever posters and catchy DVD box art.

In response, I made a video to send to Jim Desantis, and thought I would share it here:

Here are some others I own that DIDN'T make the video:

The "Big Lebowski" bowling ball:

The "Total Recall" Mars shaped tin:
 The "Showgirls" boxed set with shot glass and playing cards:

Here are a few I don't own, but find neat:
The "Basic Instinct" faux ice case with ice pick (pen).

NOTE: I just realized the last 3 gimmick packages were ALL of films made by director Paul Verhoeven! Coincidence? Most likely!

Here is the "Wicker Man" wooden box:

And finally the first season of "Coach" in a DVD set that's pretending to be a notebook... that's pretending to be a football:

I actually own that coach set, but I listed it with the others I don't own... because I am ashamed I bought it. Oddly enough, I am not ashamed I bought "Showgirls".

Guy Hutchinson
Guy Hutchinson


  1. All of those are pretty cool. I've got a bunch of the Simpsons heads and the Memento set, even though the "game" on the actual dvd has worn out its welcome. Just let me watch the movie!

    Being a huge Lost fan I also have the collectors set from season 5. Although I probably should have held out for the full series box set instead.

  2. I like that Lost set! I have never seen that show, I know I should. Hopefully soon.

    The Momento game is awful. I printed out all the codes and stuck 'em in the case. It reminded me of the copy protection lists they stuck in 1990s pc games.

  3. Amazing. I am still suckered in Movie box art