Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Coloring book: Lifeguard

Ahh, the swimming pool. I wish I was there.

The kids in the pool are engaging in horseplay or rough housing. I can't tell which just from a still shot. Either way the lifeguard doesn't like it. She is primed to blow the whistle. She is SO ready that her cheeks have swollen to Dizzy Gillespie proportions.

She is also holding Milk's sunglasses, so either he's swimming elsewhere or the lifeguard is a thief.
I am voting on him being IN the pool since she appears to dumb to be a thief.

Don't believe me? Look at where her chair is located. She has her BACK to half the pool. (Oddly enough, this was from different coloring book than "milk".)

In the background there is a snack bar and a sign that says "L______R RENTAL." Probably "locker" but I am going to pretend it says "liquor." After all you never buy it, you only rent it.


  1. Taking a second look, those boys seem a little too friendly

  2. The Zebra7/27/2005

    Afterwards me and the lifeguard jumped in.

  3. The Boys7/27/2005

    We prefer the term "loverly" over "friendly"

  4. Liquor Rental7/27/2005

    I think I put chlorine in the rum. Sorry bout dat.

  5. The Lifeguard7/27/2005

    Yeah, that was hot.

  6. So that's where my shades went! I have been 21% less cool since then!

  7. The Lifeguard's Armband7/27/2005

    I can't talk, I am an armband.

  8. The Writers7/27/2005

    Yeah, us too.

  9. The Readers7/27/2005

    We are getting a bit bored of this gag.

  10. I like the lifeguard, a bit flat for my tastes, but I love a girl with an armband.

  11. Jim Shorts7/29/2005

    Foul! Oh wait, the lifguard seems to have the situation under control.
    I feel bad, but not because of the war, because I feel useless.