Monday, July 11, 2005

Exact Change

First off, I find it odd that the bus company would use actor John Voight as the model for their coloring book.

Lil Voight has 6 quarters. He is thinking "6 quarters." Oddly the quarters in his head are lined up in a different order than those in his hand.

Speaking of his hands take a good look at them. Notice anything interesting? Aside from the obvious razor sharp pinky finger there is another interesting thing to observe: their placement on his arms.

His right hand dangles just below his waist. His left is a different story. If he dropped the quarters it could easily reach his knee. Take a look at his left ELBOW! It lines up perfectly with his right wrist.

Poor, deformed, Lil John Voight. No wonder Angelina Jolie wants nothing to do with him.


  1. I got ya monthly riders club card right here, buddy!

  2. Mr. No Like The Smell of Leather7/13/2005

    OMG! The similarities are uncanny! John Voight!

  3. Hot Dog Vendor7/13/2005

    Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Get your hot dogs here! Can't ride the bus without a hot dog! Well, I guess you could. Perhaps you aren't even allowed to eat on the bus. Nevermind.

  4. I hope the bus doesn't really cost $1.75. Li'l V. only has $1.50 in his hand.

  5. That was a typo. I fixed it.

  6. I don't see the resemblence, but the name "Lil' John Voight" cracks me up.

  7. Bad Poster7/13/2005

    The cartoon looks like John Voight. You should have mentioned that.

  8. John Shorts7/13/2005

    Foul! Foul! I bet John Voight is mad about the war but he can't ride the bus with insufficent change.

  9. Sluggo7/13/2005

    I loved this. I am so surprised that you found a John Voit picture that looked just like it!

  10. Guy Who Looks Like John Voight7/13/2005

    Can anyone give me a ride home? Please?!!??!! Anyone?!?!?

  11. Mr. Fuji7/13/2005

    I know Lil John Voight thinks he is so small but he will not seem so young when... oh wait... Fuji feels light headed. I could use one of those hot dogs please!