Friday, July 15, 2005

Coloring book: Milk is Cool

I believe the implication in the text is that this particular container of milk is named "Real Cool."
Real Cool is standing there leaning on a glass of milk talking about milk, as a cow watches in the distance. Of course, it could be that the glass of milk is our narrator.

I know the container is the more obvious choice since he has facial features, but since we are asked to believe that a container of milk can have the power of speech why not a glass?
It's way deep man.

The cow in the distance is just waiting for NINETY freaking glasses of lactose to be pumped from her.
I have a job for everyone:
Walk up to a friend, relative or co-worker today and say the following:
"Did you know one cow produces 90 glasses of milk a day? No wonder they say moo!"

Once you say the word "moo" laugh hysterically. Pretend that you told a joke. I bet they will laugh. It sure sounds like a joke.
To quote my new friend Real Cool: "that's cool too."


  1. I would also like to mention how much I love Real Cool's Macho Man Randy Savage 1986 sunglasses. Couldn't be cooler.

  2. Bad Poster7/15/2005

    Cows give 90 glasses of milk a day. You should mention that.

  3. The Clothes7/15/2005

    I am going to another party this week. It's being thrown by Real Cool. Jeannie Snufflebottom, The Ghost of Chaz, Rennasainse Fair Producer and Not Enough Swank will all be there. It shall be somewhat obscure, however.

  4. Jim Shorts7/15/2005

    Foul! Foul! Getting milk out of a cows udders is just foul. I'm not much of a milk drinker.

  5. Did you consider that the cow might be Real Cool?

  6. I wish I had been invited to that party, The Clothes. I could have brought MC Milk from the hit rap group Audio Two (do a google search!)

  7. Guy Who Wan't stop Talking about Texas Hold Em Poker7/15/2005

    I wish I could look that cool when I had a great hand (during a game of Texas Hold Em Poker, I have two regular hands physically and they are just average)

  8. Racist Hal7/15/2005

    I don't drink milk, I won't drink anything that is made by eskimos.

  9. Positive Pete7/15/2005

    I love this article and I love milk. You are really great, guys!

    Also I am HIV positive.

  10. I went away for a few months and the ENTIRE site looks different. Wow!

    Kudos, Sweetie, it's great!

  11. I'm falling behind on these and the cows are plotting.