Monday, July 18, 2005

Billy and Maria

Who are Billy and Maria? I haven't a clue. All I know is that they think they are prepared for winter weather with this sorry selection of thrift store junk.
Perhaps Billy and Maria are star crossed lovers who are going to battle the freezing temperatures in the snow capped hills of northern Italy.
Maybe Billy was an American G.I. stationed in the Italian city of Forli. Billy met Maria as she walked with her goat to the well.
Billy fell in love with Maria as soon as he saw her olive skin and her pouting lips as she gracefully walked with a bucket of water in each hand and one balanced on her head.
Maybe their love was forbidden. Maybe she was too young for him. Maybe her parents wanted her to marry an Italian man. Maybe the goat disapproved. Maybe she was married and they had to run from her husband. Maybe it doesn't get very cold in northern Italy and so my whole story is flawed.
Nobody knows.
Their supplies are: cowboy boots, one glove, a weather radio, water, bandages, a hat with a cowboy spur on top of it (perhaps it fell off one of the boots) and a box marked supplies.
I'll bet you any amount of money that "supplies" means "coconut rum."

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  1. I need to go to Italy, because I NEED a flash light that has a cinnamon bun swirl design over the bulb. That is way cool.

  2. Racist Hal7/18/2005

    Ugh! Italy. That place is crawling with disgusting eskimos.

  3. Guy Who Wont Stop Talking about Texas Hang Em Poker7/18/2005

    I don't know about Billy but my supply box would be full of playing cards. As for Maria, she better not nag him during his games of Texas Hold Em Poker.

  4. Sluggo7/18/2005

    I thought Maria and Billy were the Bonnie and Clyde of Italy. They are always mentioned in Il Progresso.

  5. Here's what Billy and Maria should really be using if they want to prepare.

  6. Glad to see they would have a Freazy Freakie. Too bad it's only one.

  7. I figure they only need one since they only packed one mitten.

  8. Makes even more sense with a Freazie Freakie. Unless they are two different gloves its a bit redundant.