Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Yeah, Spiny is one of Spiny's friends, and he likes succulents (cacti). Spiny informs us that succulents "hold water like camels."
They also swear like longshoremen.
I like how Spiny wears shades to look cool and make up for the fact that his turned in feet and knobby knees are not cool at all.
In a page about plant care, one must question Spiny's methods. He holds the plant and turns the hose on himself.
The page advises us to "Collect Them All" I hope the next one features Spiny fertilizing a plant by holding it and throwing manure on his head.


  1. Oh Spiny, you silly bastard.

  2. I still need to finish up the hot/cold picture, but today's image gave me a great idea. And then I drew this

  3. Astro's Slugger Morgan Ensberg7/07/2005

    Spiny? Looks like he should be called Pokey!

    Wooo! I hit that one out of the park.