Monday, July 18, 2005

Bus Stop

Check out this terrifying vision of the future! A world where man has been replaced by hippos.
This must take place in England because the hippo driver is on the wrong side of the road.
The hippo driver sits in a car that is SMALLER than a car a human would drive. Hippos must be really cheap.
I have to restate that I am terrified by this vision. Still, perhaps there is hope that the humans will rise up against their hippo oppressors. The hippo driver is on his cell phone which current buzz claims is more dangerous than shooting yourself in the face while driving off a cliff. Also the hippo at the bus stop appears to be motioning to his head as if to say "Hey! Low bridge ahead! You are going to get decapitated in your tiny convertible!"
The hippo driver isn't paying attention.
One down, millions to go.

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  1. I wish I has a "@" symbol for a belly button.

  2. Racist Hal7/20/2005

    First we are over run by Eskimos and now dirty hippos. My country is gone!

  3. Sluggo7/20/2005

    LMAO!!!! The cell phone comment was priceless.

  4. Todd The God7/20/2005

    Hippos have no hands.

    This is the word of Todd.

  5. Hot Dog Vendor7/21/2005

    Hot Dogs! Get your Hot Dogs here! Cant drive and eat a hot dog so I encourage these hippos to have one.

  6. I think the hippos are cute!

  7. Jim Shorts7/21/2005

    Foul! Foul! You may be upset about our upcoming war with the hippos but you can't drive a car on a basketball court. Foul!