Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mo's Convenience

bunchojunk Dining Guide Presents:
Mo's Convenience
Traveling to the Catskills, I searched for fine dining. After passing the usual variety of McDonalds and Taco Bells I came across a dining oasis: Mo's Convenience.
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The exterior of Mo's was a delight; a blend of old world charm and modern luxury. A sign out front proudly proclaimed "Aceptamos Cupones Dealimentos".
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Sadly I did not bring any cupones for them to aceptamos on my dealimentos.

After parking in Mo's ample parking lot I stopped to drink in the local flavor.


Two or three people stopped to ask me what I was looking at one man offered to sell me either an air conditioner or some barbecued goat.

I entered the door to Mo's and was instantly transported to another time and another place. A place where kings could rub elbows with the common man (and then thoroughly wash said elbows.) Could the cuisine live up to this ambience?

I began my 'journey for the taste buds' by checking out the beverage selection. There was no shortage of exotic potions to indulge the senses. A quick glance revealed old standby's like Coca-Cola standing alongside more adventurous concoctions such as Iberia Mango, Golden Kola and "some kind of orange colored liquid with a label too faded to read."
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I went with the Golden Kola. The taste was light and nectarous.

Onward I decided on an appetizer. Ultimate Apricots.
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Prepared by Chef Mariani, this taste sensation has won rave reviews and (according to the packaging) won the 2001 Gold Award for Taste from the American Tasting Institute. (it should be noted that these may have won subsequent awards, but this package carried a "sell by" date of March 2002.)

Finally, it was time for the piece de resistance.
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A wide selection revealed everything from jelly in a jar (featuring the stars of PBS's Dragon's Tales) to 'some kind of onion product from Lipton.'

I settled on the jelly which was just divine.

To put a cap on this whirlwind dining excursion I looked for dessert. The confectionery I embraced was Mo's celebrated Jumbo Honey Bun.
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When they say "Jumbo" they MEAN it. This was a prodigious full of honey goodness. I could almost taste the care that bees put into collecting the nectar from their foragers (during tropholaxis, of course.)

Before I left, I checked out Mo's ample selection of curios, and I couldn't resist bringing one home.
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I know that my 'Kuku Chicken Dang Ding' will entertain my guests for years to come. What a fine way to show hospitality by showing them this memento and telling them of a fine place to gormandize, Mo's Convenience.
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I give Mo's Convenience 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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  2. Anonymous7/05/2005

    I found a dead guy in the parking lot there once. I washed his hands. Too bad I didn't eat there.

  3. Anonymous7/05/2005

    Foulisimo! Foulisimo! Que espanito es muy Aceptamos Cupones Dealimentos! Estadino esl la "the war" bonita ella muy ficarido. Foulisimo!

  4. Anonymous7/05/2005

    The toy you show is called "'Kuku Chicken Dang Ding'" You should mention that.

  5. Anonymous7/05/2005

    You should have bought one of Mo's "Hot Cold" Sandwiches!

    This is the word of Todd

  6. Anonymous7/05/2005

    At least hot cold sandwiches are less deadly than cold hot sandwiches. You forgot to mention some of the wonderful things the customers of Mo's Convenience have said.

    "Mo' convenient."
    "Mo' betta prices."
    "Mo' outta date food then anywhere else."

    and my personal favorite:

    "Mo' Mo."

    I just hope they can stay in business once the Mo-Mart opens across the street.

  7. Anonymous7/05/2005

    The Catskills! Jeez, you never stop moving!