Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Coloring Book: Zoboomafoo

This page is from the PBS series "Zoboomafoo".
We can connect the letters to see who came to visit Zoboo at Animal Junction. Obviously, it's an Elephant.

However, if you use the GREEK alphabet (and skip half of the vowels and use each consanant three times) you get a crude picture of Garfield shooting himself in the face:


  1. I am not sure who I should apologize to first. I guess I will just make a blanket apology to everyone.

  2. Oh! This Elephant may think he is so big, but he won't be so big when my new client Garfield drops an elbow... oh good god no! No Garfield! WHHHHHHYYYYYYY! Why!!!!!

  3. Jim Shorts6/29/2005

    Foul! Garfield, I know you are upset about the war, but that is clearly a foul!

  4. I couldn't top your Garfield picture so I played this one straight. I can't wait for the next page.