Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Jane Withers-November 6, 1939

As one of the most popular child actress of the 1930s Jane was asked to put her mark at the theater in 1939.
Jane is still active in show business today. She does a couple of voices for Disney (including Clarabelle Cow and one of the Hunchback of Notre Dame's gargoyles.)

Her work in Hunchback II got her a DVD Premiere Award for best song. Sadly she has to share the award with Jason Alexander and that stiff news anchor from "Murphy Brown" plus it sounds like an award show they just made up over a weekend.

Still, it's nice that she is still working.

Some of her more famous films were: Bright Eyes with Shirley Temple, Giant with James Dean and Captain Newman M.D. with Tony Curtis and Bobby Darin.

In the cement she wrote "Mr. Grauman, A hello to you from Jane Withers" she also drew a cartoon of a little girl and then wrote "me" next to it.

Jane's spot is located to the right of the theater entrance directly behind Shirley Temple. Yup, when the light hits the pavement JUST right, Jane gets to have Shirley Temple in HER shadow.


  1. Bad Poster8/05/2005

    Shirley Temple was a person, not just a drink. You should mention that.

  2. Mr. Fuji8/08/2005

    Oh, this Shirley Temple sounds tough. I shall keep her away from Don Muracco.