Sunday, June 26, 2005

Marilyn Monroe-June 26, 1952

Marilyn Monroe is probably the first thing one thinks of when they hear the words "Hollywood Legend". Unless you are a mapmaker, then you probably think of the "cartography legend" at the bottom of a map of the city of Hollywood.

Marilyn was awarded the opportunity to put her handprints in the cement on June 26, 1952. The cement for her square is tinted yellow and is part of a double square (with Jane Russell.)

The duo was there to promote the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and the gentlemen still do. Marilyn's square is one of the most popular squares at the theater, possibly the most popular.

Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe were both sex symbols of the day. During the ceremony Marilyn joked that since Jane was popular for her boobs and Marilyn for her derriere, Jane should lean into the cement and Marilyn should sit in it.

Marilyn starred in such popular films as Some Like it Hot and The Misfits. My personal favorite is a film called Don't Bother to Knock where she plays a deranged babysitter who tries to push a kid out the window so she can go on a date.

The square has her signature, part of the title Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (hers says "efer Blondes") the date and her hands and feet. Her feet (in high heels) are absolutely TINY! Above the eye in her name she inserted a diamond, which was soon pried out and stolen. Today a piece of glass rests in its place.