Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Frederic March-April 21, 1937

A distinguished actor, March started in the silent film days and kept working until the 1970s. His last film was a large supporting role in the 1973 Lee Marvin/Jeff Bridges picture The Iceman Cometh.

March also starred in the 1934 film Death Takes a Holiday (later remade as Meet Joe Black) as Death.

I liked reading about Frederic March. He was interesting, but not outlandish. From now on if the month of March is "interesting, but not outlandish" I shall call it a "Frederic March". I shall also use "quotation marks" as much as "possible" whether the sentence "warrants" it or "not".


  1. I like that I learned something. Hope you did too!

  2. I Hate Sweetie8/05/2005

    I learned something about Jeff Bridges.

  3. Bad Poster8/08/2005

    Fredric March has his hand prints at Grauman's Chinese Theater. You should mention that.