Monday, June 27, 2005

X-Ray in progress

I love this one. The woman looks so happy to have her giant dinosaur-like fibula looked at on a TV monitor that looks more like a toaster oven than anything else.

Man I could go for a slice of Elios Pepperoni Pizza right now. I wish I had that toaster.

I also like how the technician seems to be pointing at the patient and laughing. Also it looks like she is chewing a wad of Redman chewing tobacco, just like all technicians should.

Plus, her keyboard looks like the roof of every other house west of Arizona.


  1. I wonder if she has a spitoon or if she just uses the floor.

  2. I really like this new feature. It gives me a chance to goof off in Photoshop. I'm not very good.

  3. Cool and the gang, brutha. Love it.

  4. Guy Who Looks Like Someone Who Has Photoshop6/30/2005

    I tried to do a photoshop version of this, but I burned myself very bad. Then I realized I was not using photoshop, but rather an old waffle iron.