Monday, June 20, 2005

Unknown on the Walk of Fame: Vol. B, Part 9

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a series of bronze plaques imbedded in pink and black squares that run across Hollywood Blvd. (from Gower Street to La Brea Avenue) and on Vine Street (from Yucca Street to Sunset Boulevard.)
The stars on the Walk honor not just movie stars, but radio, TV, & theater performers, directors, singers, magicians, and just about anyone remotely connected to Hollywood.
The stars are given in five categories: Motion Pictures, Television, Recording (singers, songwriters, etc.), Radio and Live Theater
The Walk started in 1960, and since then, over 2,000 stars have been added. Contrary to popular assumption, not all the stars are those of superstars. Many of them are of people that you have never heard of.
In this ongoing series we look at EACH and EVERY person who received this honor. You have probably heard of 2 or 3 of the people listed below. Others will sound vaguely familiar. Many will be completely unknown to everyone born after 1930. Hopefully, after today you will remember them forever.

Vanessa Brown MP
Vanessa Brown TV

TV star of the sitcom "My Favorite Husband", Vanessa also appeared in the 1950 film Tarzan and the Slave Girl as well as the Broadway version of the film The Seven Year Itch (in the Marilyn Monroe part.)

Tod Browning MP

Director of over 60 films, most notably the famed 1931 version of Dracula.

Dave Brubeck Rec

Jazz pianist best known for the song "Take Five." Brubeck is a member of the Big Band and Jazz Hall of Fame.
One of his songs was featured in the 2002 TV program "Diet Coke with Lemon Celebrates 40 Years of Laughter: At the Improv." I never saw this, but I bet it was funny. No one knows comedy like Diet Coke with Lemon. He has a great sense of humor.

Yul Brynner MP

Bald actor who was best known for playing the title role in The King and I. By title role I mean he played "The King" not "I." That would be pretty funny if he played "I." Diet Coke with Lemon would get a real kick out of that.

Sandra Bullock MP

Popular star of Speed and Miss Congeniality.

Bugs Bunny MP

Cartoon rabbit that made his first screen appearance in 1938 in the cartoon "Porky's Hare Hunt."

John Bunny MP
Bug's less talented brother, John named his son Jermajesty.
No, that's not true. John was one of the most popular silent film actors. He was the first American film comedian and the first person to play Santa Claus on film. He performed in over 200 films before his death in 1915. Very few of his films survive.

Billie Burke MP

Billie played Glenda the good witch in the 1939 Wizard of Oz. She appeared in over 80 other pictures.

Sonny Burke Rec

Big band leader from the 1930s to the 1950s. Worked with many popular musicians including Frank Sinatra.

Carol Burnett TV

Star of TVs "Carol Burnett & Company", Carol's first job was at the Warner Pacific Theater on Hollywood Blvd. Her star is located right in front of the theater (at her request.)

Smiley Burnette MP

Appeared in many westerns including Last of the Pony Riders in 1953. That film starred Gene Autry. Like most actors in the film, Smiley was billed BELOW Gene's horse.

Bob Burns MP
Bob Burns Radio

Star of over 200 films and radio programs between 1911 and 1955. Bob often played cowboy roles.

George Burns LT
George Burns MP
George Burns TV

Legendary comic, star of the "Burns and Allen" TV show and Oh God! film series.

Raymond Burr TV

Star of the Perry Mason TV series.

Bill Burrud TV

Bill had a very interesting career, starting as a child actor in the 1930s. In the sixties he returned to show business as the host of many nature documentaries.

Levar Burton TV

Multi-talented actor best known for his work in the TV series "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Mae Busch MP

Film star from 1912 to the 1940s. She is best known for her work in several Laurel and Hardy comedies. (In case you have never heard of them, Laurel and Hardy were a famous comedy duo, just like Diet Coke and Lemon.

Francis X. Bushman MP

Star of many films including the 1954 Billy Wilder comedy Sabrina (later remade starring Harrison Ford.) Bushman grew up in a house on Hollywood Blvd. where Grauman's Chinese Theater stands today. There is a special plaque in the forecourt there to honor him.

David Butler MP

Director of many films including the Bob Hope comedy Road to Morocco.

Charles Butterworth MP

Noted stage actor who appeared in many popular films including Every Day's a Holiday with Mae West.

Red Buttons TV

Stand up comic and TV performer. Red appeared in the Evel Knievel film Viva Knievel!. You know would have been awesome? If Evel Knieval was on his motorcycle, and it was one of those bikes with a little sidecar. Then Red Buttons was riding in the sidecar and they jumped over a Diet Coke with Lemon. Then after landing Howard Cosell could ask Evel "How is Red Buttons?" Evel could then look at his coat and say, "Are you color blind? The buttons on my coat are blue!" Then he would realize Cosell meant the ACTOR and they would all laugh and laugh. That would be SWEET!

Pat Buttram TV

Western star that made one of his last appearances in the film Back to the Future III (the one in the old west.)
I have a lot of respect for Pat's accomplishments so I won't be making any jokes about his last name.

Spring Byington MP
Spring Byington TV

A talented actress, Spring appeared in many films starting with 1933's Little Women.

And that does it for the "B"s. Coming soon, the "C"s.

Good night, Diet Coke with Lemon, wherever you are.

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