Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Three Men and a Baby Genius (minus the three men and with a few more babies)

I saw a preview for Baby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies.

let me repeat that:

Baby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies

What a wonderful time we live in! It makes me cry, thinking about previous generations and the hardships they faced, with NO Baby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies!

For those of you who don't remember Baby Geniuses, let me assure you it was a real movie.

In years past, a comedy producer may have invented a title like this as a satire. Leonard Part 6 for example.

Bill Cosby made this film back in the late 1980s when nobody ever told him "no" about ANYTHING.

For an example: see his Cosby Show sweaters.

In Leonard Part 6 we are told that Leonard's previous adventures (1-5) were confiscated by the government. The film follows the basic 'spy film' plot. Secret agent is after dad guys, bad guys are after a secret agent, secret agent rides on an ostrich.

It will be interesting to see the Ostrich scene in Baby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies.

Baby Geniuses was made by Bob Clark, a director with the GREATEST FILMOGRAPHY EVER. Let us take a look:

Karate Dog, The (2004)
KARATE DOG! Those two words could not seem MORE awesome when placed SIDE-BY-SIDE! Like a live action Hong Kong Phooey! A dog that does Karate! I am not going to miss that!

Maniac Magee (2003)
In a world full of Maniacs, Magee stands out. Magee formerly a name used only when referring to dumb puppets, now can add MANIAC to it's resume!

Baby Geniuses (1999)
The original. Hard to believe it has been 5 YEARS! I guess they were waiting until the statute of limitations ran out on those 'child labor violations.'

Fudge-A-Mania (1995)
Better not let Maniac Magee near the fudge! This could be a disaster!

From the Hip (1987)
Judd Nelson plays an attorney named Stormy Weathers. He later played a weatherman named Legal Jurisprudence.

Rhinestone (1984)
Dolly Parton and Sylvester Stallone! I once watched this BACK-TO-BACK with the Jane Mansfield Story featuring Loni Anderson and Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am still blind in my left eye because of that night.

Christmas Story, A (1983)
Yup, he did this too.

Porky's II: The Next Day (1983)
Glad to see he is staying true to his bad sequel roots.

Porky's (1982)
Wow, Porky's had a DIRECTOR!

Black Christmas (1974)
The best Christmas murder film EVER.

Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things (1972)
See, he was all about the kids, even then.

She-Man (1967)
Never saw this film, Clark's debut. I think it's about He-Man's OTHER sister. The one even She-Ra wants nothing to do with.

Yes, Bob Clark is a renaissance man. Long live Baby Geniuses 2: Return of the Super Babies!

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