Tuesday, July 27, 2004

The Ballad of Bill and Joe: Volume One

Hanna-Barberians at the gate

I love Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera. Their studio singlehandedly invented the TV cartoon show format.
They created over 1000 cartoon characters. This makes them two of the GREATEST PEOPLE THAT EVER LIVED.

Let us compare them with the BBC's list of 10 Greatest Britons ever.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Great Victorian English engineer. Created great buildings, but no cartoons.

Winston Churchill: Was a great war time leader. Hanna-Barbera created a show entitled Fish Police. Winston Churchill NEVER found away to use fish in the name of justice.

Oliver Cromwell: I think this was the fat guy from Night Court. Hanna-Barbera created Scooby-Doo who has solved more crimes than Charle Chan (Chan also had a Hanna-Barbera cartoon to his name.)

Charles Darwin: Belived that man descended from apes. Hanna-Barbera, on the other hand, knew the truth about evolution. Cavemen lived among the dinosaurs and pedaled their cars with their feet.

Diana, Princess of Wales: Her wedding was watched by millions. So was Pebbles and Bamm Bamm's!

Queen Elizabeth I: I think that is a boat, not a person. It was the boat from the Titanic.

John Lennon: Wrote the words, "I Am the Walrus". Hanna-Barbera created the Shmoo.

Horatio Nelson: A famous admiral, sailed proudly. Hanna-Barbera created Speed Buggy.

Isaac Newton: Discovered America by letting an apple fall on his sons head as he shot it with an arrow. Hanna-Barbera has animated AT LEAST TWO VERSIONS OF RICK MORANIS.

William Shakespeare: Was a gunfighter, better known as Billy The Kid. Never made a single cartoon.


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