Friday, July 16, 2004

Terror of the Cannibal Taco

A Bunch O Junk Children's story

Telly Taco was a taco. Hard shell, lots of beef and a generous helping of fresh cut lettuce. He was a dandy delight.

He slid across the shelf. He wanted to visit a friend at the soft taco work station.

It was dark inside his home, his big home. Every taco he knew lived there. The light from the large "DISCO TACO" sign shown through his window.

Telly wished there was more light, the darkness scared him so much his lettuce was quivering.

Telly could wait to see his friend. Her name was Sally Soft Taco. He met her and a gentleman name Free Refills (Dining Room Only)Cup today after they were ordered by a customer who sent them back saying "I hate lettuce!"

Free Refills (Dining Room Only)Cup left with the customer, he didn't have any lettuce in him.

Telly started to think of how much he missed Free Refills (Dining Room Only) Cup, but suddenly his attention was diverted. An older taco was on the counter traveling away from Sally's place. This taco looked bad, absolutely rotten.

Telly raced to her place, but it was too late. She was gone! All that was left was a few pieces of lettuce. The rotten taco must have ate her.

He wept openly. Telly wanted to avenge her death, but he was too scared. "What should I do?" he thought.

Just then the lights came on and a fat clerk bit his head off.


  1. Anonymous7/16/2004

    Quivering lettuce, a good touch.