Friday, July 23, 2004

All good things must end

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Richard Nixon's winter home is gone. The Key Biscayne retreat where the President would go to get 'tanned, rested and ready' is a thing of the past.
Bulldozers ripped down the house to make way for a more modern home, and they ripped out of piece of our hearts, to make way for a more modern piece of heart.

Ahhh, but things eventually must go.

In fabulous Disneyland California there once stood Monsanto's House of the Future. In the past there was a house of the future. There is no house of the future in the present, but most certainly there will be one in the future. Uh, I'm getting light-headed, I may need to lie down.

The House of the Future was made entirely out of plastic, it was rust-proof, earthquake-proof and proof that the future was in plastics.

Wow, that's some good writing! Let's see that again.

The House of the Future was made entirely out of plastic, it was rust-proof, earthquake-proof and proof that the future was in plastics.


The House of the Future was built in 1957 and was a vision of what the house of 1986 would be. It had a video phone, a microwave and a dishwasher that cleaned dishes using ultrasonic waves.

Still, the House of the Future became dated, and in 1967 it was set to be demolished. According to Monsanto when the wrecking ball hit the house IT DIDN'T FALL. So they brought in other equiptment and the House Of The Future is no more.

Change happens everywhere!

Taco Bell, long a stanch opponent of french fries has caved. They have given in and let the french fry run loose.

Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. A bunch of bite sized fried potatoes topped with cheese and sour cream. Don't let the description fool you. TACO BELL IS SELLING FRENCH FRIES.

Perhaps this wont last, perhaps the country will angrily take to the streets and DEMAND that Taco Bell sell NO FRENCH FRIES.
They did it with New Coke.

It is hard to imagine in today's climate where a new soda is created every 38 seconds, but there was a time when people protested a new flavor of coke. For those that don't remember, Pepsi had been running a promotion called the "Pepsi Challenge".

The original Pepsi Challenge was very difficult. Participants were called 'contendants' (a combination of the words contestant, contender and lobster) were blindfolded and FORCED to lie on a bed of used Kleenex and drink Pepsi out of broken glasses, while a fat tap dancer danced on their toes. This didn't go over well with the public, so they came up with a new Pepsi challenge.

The new Pepsi Challenge was simple, put an unmarked glass of Pepsi and an unmarked glass of Coke in front of some one and most of the time they choose Pepsi.
So, Coke decides to change the formula of their soda to make it taste more like Pepsi. What they didn't count on was brand loyalty.

I have never been one for soda brand loyalty. To me is all fizzy sugar water.
I am not sure if there is a difference between Coke, Pepsi, Coca Cola C2, Pepsi One, Pepsi Edge, Coke Max, Pep-Exxtreme-Si, Coke-attude, Mr. Pepsi, Coke Tan, Pepsi Rerun, Coke Twirl, Pepsi Hard, and Coca-Coladida.

Today there are enough soda brands to give Soleil Moon Frye's parents 'baby names' for about 45 years.

At the grocery store I usually buy the generic rip-off soda unless one of the name brands is on sale cheaper. Sometimes I just take an empty soda bottle and play it like a jug in a rockabilly band. Yeeeehaaaaawww!

But, even the thought of a hoe down can't shake the blues I feel from Taco Bell's decision.

Well, I am going to cry in my fries.

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  1. It was! I found some great video of it on the Home Movies DVD.