Wednesday, June 16, 2004

The Duck That Couldn't Quack

"Quack, quack" the sounds of ducks filled the air.

Little Bobby walked through the park marveling at the beautiful park. He wished he could just take the park home with him.

His imagination started to take off.

Bobby pictured himself folding the whole park up and putting it in his backpack, just like Bugs Bunny would. Then he would take it home and keep it all for himself.

Then he pictured himself at the bank folding up all the money and putting it in his backpack, while pressing the barrel of a .45 against the head of one of the cashiers. He also imagined himself pistol whipping the security guard on his way to the door. Then he saw himself unfolding a BMW getaway car he had in his pocket and taking off.

"Bobby." said his father breaking his train of thought. "Look at this duck, it can't quack!"

"That's odd" thought Bobby. He walked over to his father, then stood there looking at the duck.

"Why come you can't quack?" said Bobby in a sentence that, albeit a grammatical nightmare, was relevant.

"Don't know" said the duck "I just never could."

"Why don't you give it a shot?" said Bobby's Dad.

"Okay." The duck replied. And with that he opened his mouth and out came a loud quack.

Bobby and his Dad looked at the duck with bewildered expressions. The duck looked even more confused.

"I'm sorry" the duck said "I must be in the wrong story." and he waddled away.

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful story!
    I want to option the movie rights. Although I would change things a little bit.
    Little Bobby would be all growd up and played by Vin Diesel (I think he comes cheap nowadays), the father would be played by Bobby D (who in an effort to increase the runing time would repeat all of his lines twice ((wait he does that already)), and the duck would be completely CGI and voiced by rapper Biz Markie.
    I can't see it making any less than 300 mil.