Wednesday, November 24, 2004

10 Things to be Thankful for

On Thanksgiving we all give thanks for the wonderful things in our lives. Here are some things I am thankful for:

10. That guy who explained to me what a 'hemi' was so now I understand truck commercials a little better. Before, I thought it was a man dressed as a woman.

9. That I have not seen a new Ryan Phillippe film in 4 years.

8. That as a man, I can eat a Yorkie.

7. Lucy the Elephant, even though she can't eat a Yorkie.

6. I am thankful the show The O.C. is about 'Orange County', California not 'octopus candy.'

5. That despite the fact that I have said "Kool Aid" many times, the Kool Aid Man hasn't broken down any walls in my house.

4. The Real Gilligan's Island, only because it puts us closer to The Real ALF.

3. Mountain Dew Code Red. It's like drinking a horrible emergency.

2. Planetariums, it's like being outside without all that having to go outside stuff.

1.Scooter the talking baseball from the 2004 World Series. He taught us all we know about baseball.


  1. Anonymous11/23/2004

    Good bless us, everyone. Now pass the Mountain Dew!

  2. Anonymous11/30/2004

    I am thankful for pizza. Lots of Pizza!

    Big Ern

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