Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Target's $1 section

I like Target. It's like Wal-Mart without the gun department. Oddly enough, Target would be a more appropriate name for a store that sells firearms, but none of the locations I have been in sell them.

Still, they sell plenty of things you could kill something with, so I shop there a lot.

Recently they have added a $1 section. Similar to the dollar stores, this small section of the store offers great bargains on simple objects. Cheap DVDs, Barbie knock offs, pocket calendars etc.

I went to my local Target the other day to do a little $1 shopping!

First off, I must say, I was a little disappointed. Target has a smaller selection than a regular dollar store and much less in the way of bizarre bootleg products. I guess you could say I was disappointed with the lack of junk.

Still, I found a few winners.

First off, the Spider-man coloring book. I guess it is safe to say that Spider-man has completely sold out. Gone are the days were it was hip to mention Spider-man.

Now he is dollar store fodder.

Truthfully it is a good thing. i can honestly say I feel good about the next generation knowing they are going to grow up coloring Peter Parker.

The book isn't a bootleg, but still very little care was taken in making sure the characters were represented correctly.
This book did not tell a story, it just showed page after page of random sketches of characters from the Spider-man universe.

My favorite is the page with the confused bunny wearing the Spidey logo on his sweater. Don't feel bad, bunny, we are as confused as you. I actually feel sorry for the little bunny. I mean, without opposable thumbs he will never get that sweater off. Plus, being covered in fur, the whole thing is just overkill.

I'm calling Peta!

Next up is the toy section.

This caught my eye, a package featuring a fireman, a stop sign and either an evergreen or a chartreuse lava lamp. Best of all, the package is labeled VEHICLES.

Hmmm. Maybe it isn't a tree or a lava lamp. Perhaps it is a dented Ford Taurus.

Or maybe the tree and the stop sign RIDE ON the fireman. Maybe HE is a vehicle.

Still, it is a lousy toy set. What are you supposed to do with it? Pretend the tree is on fire, then have the firefighter put it out?
Wait! How about you make the firefighter hide behind the tree and wait for someone in a convertible to stop at the sign, then he can soak them with the firehose. What a kidder, that fireman!

Next it is the 'World Kids' dolls. Yes, the Target $1 store is like a trip to Epcot. So much culture for you and your kids to discover.

I especially like how the child from the US is depicted wearing a wife beater t-shirt and pajama bottoms.

Finally, just one dollar at Target will make all your co-workers think you have a drinking problem. What better way to get others to whisper about you behind your back than with a dollars worth of liquor flavored coffee.



  1. Wow!! Target finally has a $1 section!! What took them so long? I can't wait until my next trip to Target. To make the dollar section a little bit more high class they should pronounce it Tar-jay, like it's French.

  2. Anonymous11/23/2004

    Oh! I am soooo there!