Thursday, September 30, 2004

A shocking Presidential scandal

When you think of Presidential scandal, you think of one name:

Sure, other sites are will give you information on current political scandals.
And, sure, those scandals may have some effect on your life at some point. Maybe elections will be decided and wars will be fought over THOSE scandals. But, where are those websites when you need information about thirty year old pseudo-scandals?

I'll tell you where they are... NOWHERE.

Why? Simple. They don't care about you.

CBS doesn't care about your need for Presidential offspring trivia.
NBC doesn't care about your lack of an Amy Carter fix.
KFC doesn't care about your need for small pieces of chicken in a popcorn container.

Oh, wait maybe THEY do.

Amy Carter was nine years old when her father became president in 1977. Amy lived a MUCH different life than other children her age. She had a tree house built on the South Lawn and she would have tea parties there. The difference was that Secret Service agents were posted below the tree house.

On a side note, the tree house has remained vacant for most of the past 25 years. The notable exceptions were when the Attorney General jokingly told Dan Quayle it was the Vice Presidential White House. Quayle stayed in the tree house for 6 months.
Clinton also used the tree house as his 'I'm scared if my wife so I hide in here' house.

Amy's big scandal came during the first half of her father's only term. Ordered to go to boring state dinners by her father, she brought along a children's book and read to herself during the dinner and speeches.

The scandal broke quickly with people everywhere complaining that reading in front of dignitaries was just plain rude!

'RUDE LITTLE GIRL', 'SPOILDED ROTTEN', 'READING IS BAD','BOOKS SUCK' shouted the headlines, I assume (I don't know how to work the microfilm machine at the library so I made the headlines up.)

Amy was called "a lamentably spoiled, perpetually tired, whining brat with miserable manners." by a German reporter.

In Amy's defense a German reporter also later called David Hasselhoff "An American treasure with a voice like an angel and a body like Herr Karnack!"

Probably not the SAME reporter, but who cares?

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