Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Hulk Hands Poetry Slam

This is the very first post ever written for bunchojunk.com:
Here is a poem I wrote about the toy phenomenon known as Hulk Hands:

Hulk Hands
To be like Hulk, such might, such power
Hulking up and smashing walls
I slide you on, you mighty glove
Remember that little girl from the Pepsi commercials?

It appeared on the site on May 15, 2004. I think it is pretty funny, but, I obviously didn't work too hard on it.

Here is a brand new Hulk Hands poem:
I wake and Hulk Hands play around my bed
Green like Kermit to my wondering eyes
Upwards to the glorious Bixby I raise my head
Then lay me down and thoughts of Hulk arise

This is another attempt:
If Hulk Hogan stole bread in Iran
As punishment they would cut off his hand
Still, one could not wear it as a glove
That is the reason it is Hulk Hands I love

So now, it is your turn! Comment with your best Hulk Hands poem!


  1. Anonymous9/29/2004

    Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia,
    Up in my bedroom, making love
    I got up to wash my Hulk Hands
    When I come back to bed
    Someone's taken my night stand

  2. Anonymous9/29/2004

    Hulk Hands: By Doug Pastry

    Oh Hither was the hands of time
    For me the green flesh hand pound rhyme
    The tither toss of the glow brown hair
    Was further toast to the mental glare

    The green hulk hands hath captured me
    I glance once more thus indeed I see
    The hands of Hulk swinging close to me
    I know the hands of Hulk are green

  3. Anonymous9/29/2004

    Hulk Hands: By Doug Pastry


  4. Anonymous10/02/2004

    Doc Bruce Banner,

    Pelted by gamma rays,

    Turned into the Hulk.

    Ain't he unglamorous!

    Wreckin' the town

    With the power of a bull,

    Ain't no monster cause.

    Who is that lovable?

    It's ever lovin' Hulk!...HULK!! HANDS!