Friday, September 17, 2004

Lucy the Elephant

I am a sucker for odd attractions, so when I heard there was a giant wooden elephant in Margate, NJ, I jumped into the car quicker than you could say "That's a really stupid cliché, I bet it took you at least 30 seconds to get into your car. As a matter of fact, I bet you didn't even leave until the NEXT day, you filthy liar."

Lucy the Margate Elephant was built in 1881 by a real estate developer who needed to draw potential buyers to the area. Lucy is 6 stories high and is quite a sight to behold.
It must have been even more breathtaking in 1881, a time when architects didn't design such strange buildings regularly.
Sure, today we have plenty of buildings shaped like giant animals, amazing theme park structures, and Las Vegas hotels shaped like a panda bear playing football.
Back in 1881 there was just Lucy the Elephant, the Statue of Liberty and one house with a 3 car garage.

People would come from miles around to see Lucy. They also came from miles around to see that 3 car garage (mostly because cars weren't invented yet.)

In the 1960's Lucy began to deteriorate, and citizens of Margate banded together to save her. They restored her and moved her a few blocks down the road to an area that would suit her better.

Can you imagine that! One day you have wonderful beachfront property, the next day they move an elephant into your back yard. Your view changes from the ocean to... A GIANT ELEPHANT BUTT!

Today Lucy stands as a tourist attraction. For $4 you can go inside and take a look through her many windows or from her viewing platform atop he back. The view is really amazing! (Not as amazing as the Amazing Spiderman, but slightly more amazing than CBS' Amazing Race.)
After you enter the belly of the elephant you can look at some of the artifacts from her history including memorabilia, photos, news articles and Lucy's original tongue.

You also view a brief video detailing Lucy's history.

You can watch the video on Real Playerby clicking here. (If that link doesn't work for you click here and scroll down to Margate. There you will find the video in Quick Time as well as Real Player.)
If that doesn't interest you click here to see the trailer for the 1997 Def Jam film How to Be a Player. Keep it real, DAWG!

Outside Lucy, there is an 'I Love Lucy' snack bar and a gift shop located by her feet.

One of the interesting facts about Lucy, is that a doctor lived inside the elephant for one summer in 1902! That is really strange.

Doctor: You would never believe where I am living right now.
Patient: In a house with a three car garage?
Doctor: No, in an Elephant!
Patient: That is SO strange!
Doctor: I know! Now, let me put some leeches on your chest, to relieve that cold you have. Then, I will write you a prescription for cocaine to relive your headaches. If that doesn't work I will drill a hole in your head to let the evil spirits escape.
Patient: Great, but hurry! I gotta tell my friends that CRAZY story about you living in an elephant!

Margate New Jersey is located about 25 minutes from Atlantic City, 80 minutes from Philadelphia and 42 hours from Hollywood. Drive carefully.


  1. Anonymous9/17/2004

    Sweetie, the history video you linked to is wrong. This summer, I saw "Troy" about that city in upstate New York. Anyways, in this film, Brad Pitt and Eric Banana, that guy who plays the Hulk, although he never turned into the Hulk in this movie, which really sucked, because if he did, he would not have been killed. Anyways, in that film, Pitt and Banana want to steal money from 7 different casinos in Atlantic City and also meet the diving horse, so they hide in an Giant Elephant as a way to sneak into Atlantic City. The Atlantic City Emperor, Donald Trump, thought the Elephant was a gift and ordered it opened. Then Brad Pitt, Jennifer Anniston, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc and that guy who is the Hulk, but not the Hulk in this movie, but not Lou Ferrigno, who is the also the Hulk, but also not the Hulk in this film, but I think he had a cameo as a security guard in this film,all hop out and kill everyone, conquering the city, and robbing the casinos, and getting their picture taken with the diving horse. But it ends with Trump telling them they are fired, which was really cool because I haven't tired of hearing people say that yet. Also, I'm a complete idiot.

  2. Anonymous9/17/2004

    While It may be fun to be inside the elephant, I hope it reminds each and everyone of us to pay attention to the elephant inside us all.

  3. Yes, Sucker, it is worth the trip.

  4. Is that a window under it's tail?? Ya know, in order to make Lucy more family friendly, they should install a that very location. That would rock. And think of the family pictures!